Nokia N900 First Impressions

I got the Nokia N900 and Nokia BH-905 from the WOMWorld Nokia friends. After using it for almost one week I am here to share some views on the Nokia N900 .

The box looks small than the Nokia N97 package. The sales package consists of

  • Nokia Battery (BL-5J)
  • Nokia High Efficiency Charger (AC-10U)

  • Nokia Stereo Headset (WH-205) a new inear headsets.
  • Video out cable (CA-75U)
  • Cleaning cloth

See my unboxing of Nokia N900 below


Nokia N900 Physical Impressions:

The N900 feels solid. And i feel its very well built than the N97. The overall build feels strong. No crappy sounds anywhere in the mobile. The Nokia N900 striked me with killa black looks on the first sight. The Nokia N900 is fully black and a black chrome around the screen. The Nokia N900 is powered with Cortex A8 which take care of multitasking of the device its supported by 256mb physical ram and 768 virtual memory, 32 GB of onboard storage and support for 32gb of memory card. The Nokia N900 QWERTY keyboard have nice design but not that intuitive as Nokia N97.


The QWERTY feels nice and soft.



The top row of QWERTY is close to N900 screen. The guys with bigger thumbs feels a lil discomfort. The overall size and weight of the device feels a lil bulky. Nokia 5800 is like feather in hand compared to N900 😛 . The Nokia N900 have onboard memory of 32gb which makes room for all your multimedia stuffs. And also room for your apps.



The N900 size is not a problem for me because I know how much power inside those bulky plastics. Some friends complained me about the size but after showing them some awesomeness of the device. They are calling the N900 a “Mobile PC”.



The Nokia N900 touchscreen is extremely responsive. I am shocked to see a resistive screen response so greatly. I used to type in the N900 using onscreen keyboard rather than the QWERTY 😛 . I used the QWERTY for shortcuts mainly.

The Nokia N900 have the 5.2 megapixel camera with dual LED Carl Zeiss Optics. I feel the camera is more clear and perfect than the N97 one. The Kick stand is a welcome feature of the device. The kickstand makes the N900 a pocket mediaplayer. The N900 is powered by BL-5J the same battery as in Nokia 5800. The real problem of the device is the battery. It drains fast I would ratherly tell it as I use it more than keeping it idle 😛 . More battery test on the work to get exact time the battery can hold the juice.

N900 Battery saving Tips:

I followed some basic things which make N900 battery to last for few more hours. The steps to preserve battery are


  • Turn off Wifi Scanning.
  • Turn off Automatic Connection change it to ask user before connecting.
  • Lower the display brightness level to 3.
  • Turn off touch screen vibration.
  • Turn off widgets that are unnecessary ex: Eye Widget.
  • Switch to 3G mode when you need it.
  • Turn off notification lights.
The Maemo Heaven aka Developers Paradise :

Nokia N900 is powered by Maemo5, a open source linux mobile operating system. Nokia had done a great job in the OS. Its not buggy at all. Its awesome and eye candy in looks and performance. The Maemo give you full openness and wide range of possibilities. The moment is switched it on. I feel new with Maemo. I scared that i could brick the system 😛 lol . The first shock for me was no DTMF :( that i use to check credit balance from my operator. Then i found HOW TO check credit and other details in Nokia N900. It is discussed in the video below. Have a look at it.


USSD Widget

It took a day for me to get practiced to the Maemo. After two days I feel, I have the best mobile and best OS ever on mobile. The Maemo with N900 is lookin damn sexy. When I studied about the app manager and the repository the excitement got extra powered . But badly i don’t have 3g or wifi to download apps. Well I found a way for it. I just refresh the app manager and get app details.


Maemo Heaven

The installable files are .deb files .I download them in PC and transfer and it like Symbian.The app manager is like a heaven to me 😀 . Have a look at the video below to How To install Nokia N900 deb files downloading them via PC.

I was really worried about the app support but the devs have done a great job. I almost got app for every thing i needed.


Freakin Awesome desktop

The Nokia N900 Desktop is the one I need to talk about I can literally place anything. Application shortcuts, widgets, RSS reader, bookmarks etc… One of the best homescreen I never experienced . Absolutly no restrictions at all.

Place the shortcuts wherever you need you have four homescreen to play with. After three days I am happy with my N900. It feels like I am holding something that’s 100X more powerfull than my 5800. Symbian feels bad for me after using Maemo. Maemo with N900 is developers heaven. Maemo is more powerfull than Symbian. Hope i shared some of my first thoughts.I will discuss more about the N900in final review.

Got an N900 or want to ask us something, leave a comment we love to hear from you.

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  • arun

    i got it…but not showing any widget even after adding in the add widgets.
    even ussd pad not working baby….its shutting off…any inf regarding..thanks in advance

  • Siraj Soft

    Hmm strange it dont show any widget it shows balance when all settings are right such as DTMF number etc etc plz check :)