Nokia N900 Homescreen – Homescreen of the Future.

Nokia N900‘s homescreen is the best homescreen among all smart phone  i spelled smart phone 😛 its a MobilePC . The total number of homescreen available in Nokia N900 is four. Each homescreens allows you add many stuffs.


Awesome Looking N900 Homescreen

The four homescreens support contacts,widgets,bookmarks, application shortcuts etc…..


Desktop Menu-Total Goodies you can add in your desktop


Homescreen with contacts and widgets:


Homescreen with Application Shortcuts:


Homescreen with some cool widgets:


Nokia N900 gives you a option also to deactivate the homescreen if you need to.



Homescreen Views


The Desktop Menu helps you to change desktop backgrounds and themes.



Background Image Changer

Theme Switcher helps us to set theme in one click


Mobile Theme Switcher

The best part is you can set different wallpapers for different homescreens. The theme when applied apply the default wallpaper to all homescreens. We missed the option as in Symbian asking us to set the current wallpaper for the theme instead of replacing the current wallpaper.


Nokia N900 Status Panel


There is also Status panel in the homescreen. It take you to panel where you have information about Clock and Alarm, Profile details, Internet Connection details, Bluetooth status, Availability Option for IM and many others like screencasting, brightness controller can be added via 3rd party apps.

In the Homescreen you are gonna arrange the icons not the OS. And it gives more freedom you can arrange icons, shortcuts, widgets etc like you need. We feel Nokia N900 homescreen is best around all smartphones and tablets homescreens.

Have a look at the video


Do let us know any queries about the Nokia N900 homescreen and also how this post helped you?

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  • Adil Ansari76

    help ME whre i download this Plz GIve ME link