Nokia N97 Review

The Nokia’s Latest Flagship Nokia N97 Gets reviewed :

Hi guys Siraj here! to share some experiences I had with the Nokia N97 which was sent to me for trial from WOMWorld Nokia. The Nokia N97 is the New Touch Flagship with a Slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The Nokia N97 is powered by

  1. ARM 11 434 MHz processor.
  2. It has 3.5 Inches “nHD” TFT Resistive Screen with a screen resolution of 360 x 640 pixels.
  3. Accelerometer for auto rotation and proximity sensor.
  4. Carl Zeiss 5 megapixel optics with Dual LED flash.
  5. It has connectivity options like Bluetooth, WiFi, USB and also 3.5 mm Jack for Sound and TV-Out.
  6. It has a cool feature of both receiving and transmitting FM.

A glance at the design:

The Nokia N97 is one of the best designed phones I have ever seen.  The Nokia N97 attracts the peoples with its design. Mostly, the slide out QWERTY keyboard is a real charmer! Most people fall for this innovation quite easily.

The QWERTY keyboard has a very sophisticated design which makes the typing much comfortable.

Although I have heard people complaining about the Space key and Shift key. But I think they will be habituated after using the device around a week or so, as the design is new and most Nokia users (lovers if you know what i mean) are not quite habituated with it.The keys are smooth, and feels really awesome to type with the device. The camera is placed in proper position under perfect covering with a lenses cover (pretty safe , eh?).

The Dual-Leds are well made and are supported by reflective coating in the background that makes the flash brighter enouh to take a great shot (so far I think I have only shot myself sometimes, and the truth is, I look … well, lets not talk about it). The Ergonomics of the device hold the device strong when the QWERTY is slided out. It almost looks like a laptop. Don’t worry about the slide, its pretty strong (trust me, it hasn’t broken yet even after being used by me 😉 ) . The nHD screen makes it so gorgeous to look. Its crsytal clear it just looks awesome. The FM transmitter is the very cool feature in this phone. I am experiencing it for the first time. Its pretty decent inside the car.

The key lightings is just perfect which brings out all keys in dark.

Well placed Memory card slot and Sim card slot. I serached for the Sim card slot when i got the device first 😛 .

The Nokia N97 is powered by BP-4L battery. It keeps the device run out of charge even after tons of photos, surfing, tweeting etc…

User Interface and The Awesome Homescreen Widgets:

The Nokia N97 is running on the Latest Symbian S60 5th edition. Although, the UI looks kinda old like Symbian 3rd edition. We know that Symbian has just stepped into the world of Touch Phones with some new additions such as Homescreen widgets and some tweaks here and there.

This video explains some of the new things which is not present in Nokia 5800 XpressMusic a music handset powered with Symbian S60 5th Edition.
The things shown above in the video are the new additions to the Flagship which make the UI a little different from the old Symbian 5th Edition interface we saw in 5800 XM.

The Homescreen widgets are one of the best additions to the Nokia N97 from the other touch handsets. The widgets are really usefull and give the mobile a desktop-like experience. Symbian has one of the most friendly user interface in my opinion. The widgets are adding more attractive gems to the Symbian UI. Besides, the Kinetic scrolling everywhere adds more fun to the UI. Scrolling long Contact books and Surfing the web become much more with the kinetic scrolling in action.

Symbian however looks cool, without any major bugs in the Nokia N97 with Firmware V2.0.

Pre Loaded Apps in N97:

The Nokia N97 I trialed had some preloaded apps within the firmware. There were some great apps such as Accumweather, Facebook , Hi5 ,Qik etc. Loved the widgets, they are so good, less usage of data and high quality content in them. I loved the Accuweather widget and AP News widget. They both bring me the latest weather updates and latest(and hot) news around the world. I also liked the Slideshow Widget which brings latest news pictures. The Qik app helps me to stream my videos live to the world. The Vlingo make the N97 voice operatable.

I must tell about the OVI Store. Its fast in this device. Love it lotta free apps to hang out with.


The Camera in this device looks so good with Carl Zeiss 5 mega-pixel Optics with Dual LED flash. The Camera is a pretty good one for the flagship. I am not disappointed at all. The Camera brings out some great shots check them out in my Flickr page. The video recording is also good with some pretty decent fps.

Some of best shots of N97 here :







GPS and OVI Maps:

The best things of this beast is the perfect GPS and the free OVI maps (who doesn’t like free stuffs, its not only free, but also the best available). I like the N97 very much for its quicker GPS lock. I had N95 and 5800, and the N97 simply beats ’em all with the speed of GPS locking.

Final Thoughts:

The Nokia N97 isthe Nokia’s Latest flagship. The Nokia N97 misses some great hardwares such as 256mb ram, some good ARM  processor with 600 MHz Speed and no GPU . Even though it misses them Nokia N97 is no way less in power compared to other devices.  I would say Nokia had done a great job in making out success in creating a phone with 128mb ram which can run a full widgetized homescreen and lot more things. Thumbs up Nokia. The Nokia must have

The N97 is a flagship phone which can bring out the Best Out Of its Hardware.

What the Nokia N97 misses:

  1. A Great CPU with pretty decent speed.
  2. A GPU a must for awesome 3d games and Visual effects.
  3. A Good Xenon Flash and the LED’s are not bad still! :)
  4. A Good Battery cover the one it had feels so cheap.

Note : This is my first review :) Hope its good. Leave ya comments and suggestions which help me to improve :)

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