Nokia N97 Mini Firmware Updated to V12.0.110

Today Nokia rolled out a update for Nokia N97Mini. The Nokia N97Mini firmware updated to V12.0.110.

You can update your Nokia N97 Mini firmware only via OTA (Over-The-Air).  The new update is not available via Nokia’s Software Updater application or Nokia Ovi Suite.  It may take some time before the new firmware is available for your region. The changelog is still unknown!

via Symbian Tweet

  • Icuavi

    Hi Guys,
    Help me out to tackle with Nokia N97 mini firmware V 12.0.110

  • Dav3

    Firm was shows no noticeable benefits, if anything has caused my device to lockup more and take longer to access applications and files on either the mass storage or Micro SD Card.

    No idea why Nokia have gotten soo lazy, but their actions have made me decide that the next device I buy, will be an Android based phone. While all products are not without their flaws/bugs. Nokia have been screwing all of us over since Symbian S60 came out….