Nokia N97 – Review

Hey guys Imran here from I have shared my deep review about Nokia N97. Nokia’s GodFather of  Slide out Qwerty devices. Thanks to WomWorldNokia for giving me such an awesome trial device. Lets feel the device below :-)

I already gave a short intro about N97 and BH-905… Yeah White Princess, which is more sexy while sliding out its Qwerty Keyboard.

It is the most powerful, sexiest and full featured multimedia smartphone. It is also the first device by Nokia which sports a large touch screen display. I almost used this device for 3 weeks. Web browsing in it via Wi-Fi was awesome.  Downloading many application from Ovi Store and enjoying every moment with Nokia N97.

N97 is Highlighted with:

  • 3.5″ Touch Screen Display
  • 32GB internal memory with extended memory slot
  • 5 Megapixel Carl Zeiss Lens
  • GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth
  • FM Transmitter etc..,


The Nokia N97 is designed nice and looks charming. It attracts everyone at its first sight. Especially, the Slide out Qwerty is awful design. Slide in – slide out is pretty cool.

The top of the phone has 3 circle  structures  for: Proximity sensor, Front Camera and light sensor. The bottom has two sensor keys Green for call and Red to end call  asusual in all Nokia phones and a stiff menu key. The Display is awesome!!! 3.5″ TFT, 360×640 with 16M colors. The display blanks while the phone is locked. It would be nice when it displays clock while the phone is locked.

Slide out keyboard is awesome and it is very pretty to use.

The keys are placed well and easy to use. Backlight in the phone is awesome,its very easy to use even in darkness because its well adjusted according to the user….It does not emits too much brightness.And i guess this is the only best slider phone i have seen.


Camera is placed well,with its lens cover and the camera starts automatically when the lens is opened even when the phone is locked. DUAL-LEDs gives perfect picture by producing bright flash and gives the best shot .It has 5 megapixel camera and gives better picture. I tested the camera with many shot in different mode. Here i attach some cool snaps took by N97 take a look at it..
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Musics and Video

In Nokia N97, two stereo speakers are in the edges of left side of the device. The sound output from the device is really nice and hearing music with it is awesome. The Music player in N97 is very easy of use and  it has a large memory to store more musics. Lot of time i used BH-905 for playing music. I notice a minor problem in Music player, that if i delete a track from the list. It again shows the track. It dissolves when the phone was restart. Its not a big problem and otherwise, the music player and the video player superb.

Touch Screen

The Nokia N97 is the pure touch device when QWERTY is closed. I miss landscape touch qwerty keyboard in N97. The screen is resistive so i need to push the screen to select. It uses double tap system that the first tap for selecting the option and second tap for enter into the option/icon which avoiding accidental contact with the screen. Here i give some snaps of selecting the apps


In Nokia N97,  it have BP-4L. The average battery life in my point of view was 2 days. And it may vary according to the various users and the way they  put the phone into uses like ..frequent shots,browsing….etc

UI and Homepage Widget

Homepage widgets are more popular within smartphone lovers. They help to get some important things quickly. Ex: Frequently used contacts,facebook etc. etc. In Nokia N97, the homescreen widget is  the best that i have ever seen.  I like the default widget with Facebook, Contacts…. We can also change the widget as whatever we want.

Nokia N97 is running on Symbian S60 5th edition. The UI in the S60 5th edition is more cool and lot more new things are introduced. The Homepage widgets are the best thing in S60 5th edition. It gives desktop feels to the mobile computers.

Moreover the Kinetic Scrolling adds more fun while we scroll the contacts,photos,songs….. Symbian is the more friendly User Interface than anyother.

Here, the Nokia N97 come with some cool pre-loaded applications with the firmware. Some of them are AccuWeather, Facebook, Qik, Vlingo. And also it  comes with free Ovi map navigation.


Nokia N97 has great storage, nice design which attract anyone at first sight and it is also better than other phone. The best thing in the N97 is Homepage widget and GPS. The User Interface is mostly likable. Eventhough it has only a 128mb ram and which runs widget show a good work made by Nokia in N97. I like this pretty device more and enjoying every moment with this device.

I thank WomWorldNokia for supplying me the great trial device. And I miss the N97 and BH-905 lot. 😛 😀

Here is the N97 gallery .

You guys please give your comments here about my review and the N97.

  • Dr Amit Johari

    Hi !
    i also got my N97 from Wom World on 10th may.
    Trying to do lot of research.
    1. Auto Connectvity is not good. Changing from Wi fi to 3 G is absolutely not tackled by nokia n97 ( or i m missing some clue).
    2. Touch screen is not very fluent.
    3. Gallery is Slow.
    4. Nokia e mail puts lots of stress on C drive.

  • Siraj Soft

    I think you didnt follow some basic steps first format both phone memory and mass memory and start downloading apps :) we didnt any touchscreen issues, gallery become slow if you more than 1000 snaps :)

  • Dr Amit Johari

    Hi Siraj, I have a point here–
    1. Why should i format a new phone.
    2.When u have 32 GB Inbuily memory that means that u will use it. I have used only 1.3 gb for photos.
    Resco viewer in my N95 is way too fast.
    3.Touchscreen is not an issue but it does require some more finishing.

  • Siraj Soft

    Bro the phone you have is not entirely new and the phone memory and mmc have older junks 😉 so format is the good option to use it :)

  • Dr Amit Johari

    Ok U were right.
    I have hard formatted the phone and it feels better now.