Nokia OVI Player Updated to V2.1

The Nokia OVI player formerly called as Nokia Music. We can organise and transfer the music , rip and burn CD’s, discover and download music from Nokia Music Store. It integrated the music with your PC and mobile device.

From Nokia:

Unlike the last release of Nokia Ovi Player, this version comes as an optional update to you. But, we absolutely recommend you all to upgrade to this latest version. Simply select ‘Check for updates…’ from the Help menu in Ovi Player. This will automatically download, install and launch the new software for you.For this release our focus was to improve overall quality, performance and user experience. Based on your feedback, we have now resolved many critical defects, including the crash on start-up.


  • We have re-worked music downloads functionality to make it more reliable. You can now pause and restart downloads from the Nokia and Ovi Music stores. Ovi Player will automatically retry any failed downloads and will also preserve uncompleted downloads on application restart.

  • With the latest Nokia Ovi Player you now can automatically import your music library from iTunes and all the manual playlists that you created in iTunes (however, iTunes DRM files and smart playlists will not be imported).

  • We have also provided a new ‘Play’ control above column headers in detailed view. Simply click this button and all the containing tracks will be added to the Player Queue and played sequentially.

  • There are new tooltips for tracks in the Playlists and Player Queue. These tooltips are visible when hovering over a track and will show you Artist, Album and Artwork for the track.

  • We’ve made it easier to select the Music Store for your region (note that you will need a credit card for that region to purchase any tracks) and change the Proxy settings. Just hit F4 key and all this pops up in the Options dialogue window.

  • The new version is more robust and memory efficient when compared to the previous version.

  • Finally, we have also made it possible to hide the start-up screen, so you can carry on using other applications without being interfered by the Nokia Ovi Player.

  • Download Here