Nokia theme Orange [N8 Original] by LogonAniket

Nokia Theme Orange is a original Nokia N8 theme which is extracted and repacked with different color combination. This theme is designed by LA aka LogonAniket.

Download Here

  • acaPAWN7

    This theme looks great on my Nokia X6.. Hopefully we can have other colors (green, blue, grey and black) as well.. 😀

    • Tony

      hey i too have x6.i have installed this theme..but couldn’t get homescreen..pls help

      • Khairul Ashraf

        What do you mean by “couldn’t get homescreen”? Just like from the displayed image above (the one in the middle, with many icons at the homescreen)? I don’t think that feature is available by default on Nokia X6, unless you install another software/app, but I haven’t found any yet.

        • Tony

          But here acaPAWN7 got d same homescreen in nokia x6…pls help 

          • Tony

            Can u pls tell me the instructions to be followed in getting this theme