Nokia to capture 50% market-share in India within 2012! Get Ready for the Next Big Campaign!

Nokia revealed four feature phones in ASHA series and two windows phone smartphones in Lumia Series at Nokia World, London. Today Economic Times published that the Nokia India Vice-President and Managing Director D Shivakumar said that the Nokia is planning to capture 50% of market share in India within 2012. He said this will be completed by focusing on innovative products delivery and experience at retail points, services and content integration.

“Our target share should always be more than half of the total market…I think we would be able to get there in 2012 by focusing on great innovative products, great delivery and experience at retail points, services and content integration. India is not the right market for anybody to just do a value play in any one category. If you want to be meaningful, you have to be a full line player. It is the most important launch for us and the benchmark that we have set for ourselves is that it must be the most impactful consumer products launch in the country”

He also said that the Nokia and Microsoft teams are training about 12,000 people for the campaign.And on the day of the launch, all the employees of Nokia’s corporate office in India will be selling phones at stores.  Looks like Nokia and Microsoft are planning a very big campaign India to push their new Smartphones. Nokia says its retail partners and operators have committed to invest three times more on the marketing and promotion of the new phones, compared to earlier launches. Hope Nokia will retain their Most Trusted brand top position again. Good Luck Nokia!