Nokia to Produce Phone for Rs.500

Nokia Life tools is a process by Nokia For helping Indian Rural Farmers and Fisherman. So the Nokia is building a special phone for them in a affordable cost.

About Nokia Life Tools:

Nokia Life Tools is a range of services which includes Agriculture, Education and Entertainment services designed specially for the consumers in small towns and rural areas of the emerging markets. The service provides timely and relevant information customized to the user’s location and personal preferences directly on their mobile phones.

* Nokia Life Tools Agriculture services aim to plug the information gaps and needs of farmers, by providing information on seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, market prices, and weather (temperature, rainfall, wind conditions) via their mobile phones.
* Nokia Life Tools Education services aim to provide career and education services, including English language learning, General Knowledge, Exam preparations and results, as well as career information and tips.
* Nokia Life Tools Entertainment services also has fun features, including astrology, news, ringtones and more.

Nokia Life Tools is an icon-led, graphically rich application. The service is easy to use with the capability to display two different languages simultaneously on the same screen, thereby enhancing usability. The service is not dependant on the customers ability to insert complex settings or have access to GPRS on their mobile phones . Once the Nokia life Tools application is activated ,the customer can begin to use the service seamlessly.
So with this application , Nokia has planned to aims towards connecting farmers with each other and also with their businesses in a better way. Handsets are available pre-loaded with this application at around thousand bucks. What next? Nokia will be soon launching a 500Rupee phone. Their main target the rural part of India , Also Nokia has offered the micro payment method , all these efforts just for the farmers and the rural economy.