Nokia X6 NAM Frimware updated to v20.2.005

Nokia realesed a new firmware for Nokia X6 and the updated version is v20.2.005.
The New frimware should be available in few days via Nokia Software Update and OTA.

Changes in the new Firmware:

  • Browser 7.2
  • Flash Video Phase-3 – Flashlite 3.1.7.x
  • Gimlet Touch 2.2
  • Kinetic scrolling in Appshell (Menu grid)
  • OVI Sync 2.0
  • Shazam
  • Enable Side lock Key functionality during Swipe UI (Calendar/Clock alarm)
  • Windows 7 Device Stage Support
  • OVI store 1.5.6
  • IAD Auto polling
  • Quick Office v4.2
  • OVI Music
  • Cherry v2.1
  • Rihanna service launcher
  • OVI contacts 1.50.8

This update is only available for Nokia X6 16GB only.

If you find anyother changes please give it as a comment below.. :-)


  • hengguowei

    X6 32gb can update too…I'm running on v20 on my X6 32gb=)

  • Nokia X6

    Смартфон просто супер! Мне очень понравился. Камера и экран супер. Хочу купить. Жду модель Nokia X6 32Gb. В России таких мало. :)

  • Siraj Soft

    Thats nice enjoy..

  • Mofash

    how to download it? i go to nokia website and there is still no new version..

  • Ana

    this is a great phone. why i love is it has a capacitive touchscreen. there are very few nokia capacitive phones

  • USB 3G

    Oh thanks, i appriciate that!