NokiaEditor!!! Cook your own firmware :) PNHT

Hello Smiley

PNHT presents NokiaEditor Beta 0.4 Smiley
With this tool you can extract, and repack ROFS2 and UDA files.

1. Download and extract tool.
2. Open tool.
3. Click “Open” button and select rofs2 or uda file
4. Click “Extract” button
5. Files will be extracted to:
a. for rofs2 file “rofs2” folder
b. for uda file “fat16” folder
6. Edit your files (don’t close NokiaEditor):
a. for rofs2 open “rofs2” folder and edit files
b. for uda open “fat16.img” in “fat16” folder and edit it with magiciso or winimage
7. After you edited files click “Repack” button
8. Repacked files are in program folder:
a. REB-RM************.rofs2.*** for rofs2 file
b. REB-RM***********.uda.***    for uda file
9. Rename files (delete “REB-” at the beginning of file name) :
a. REB-RM************.rofs2.*** to RM************.rofs2.*** for rofs2 file
b. REB-RM***********.uda.***     to RM***********.uda.***    for uda file
10. Flash you phone with new files Smiley
11. DONE Smiley

Some pics:

Tips for editing ROFS2 and UDA files:

If you want to add RP+ to your rofs2 file copy only “patcher.ldd” and “patcherShadow.ldd” to sys/bin folder. After flashing install RP+ LiteVersion.

If you want to edit files that are in rofs1 image – copy them to rofs2 folder and edit they will be overwriten after flashing.
Example: if you want to edit file swipolicy.ini (that file is in rofs1) copy swipolicy.ini to rofs2 folder (system/data) and edit – Repack and flash.

Remember that rofs2 file have maximum size (about 33mb) so if you don’t have space for your files,mods just delete other language files from rofs2 folder.

Tool tested with 5530, 5800 files!!! I think it will also work with N97 files and others, it will not work with E51 files!!! Not working for your Phone ?? write to me and ill try to add support for your phone Smiley



Download HERE

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  • Ron

    can i change n82 firmware???can u help me with it?

  • Siraj Soft

    You can bro but S60v3 is not working good with this

  • Rholand

    Listen, i have an N86-3 v30.009 RM-485 and i tried to do that and flash it with phoenix creating the folder as i shoud and it throws an error saying CRC Checksum failed, not the same as data package…
    What should i do?

  • Subhajitghosh88

    Can you tell me how can i put my name on the custom firmware version & model area after pressing *#0000# that appears … please help me

  • Naveen Shrimal

    hey dude g8 work …
    can i flash nokia 5233 with it or ineed smthing else…..

    is there any tool like hex editor

    • Siraj Soft

      yes cant flash

  • BlackIce273

    how to add langugepack what path shoud i put my file

    this one Arabic_RM-356.Lang