#NokiaNFC “JustTap” and Symbian Belle devices Preview event in GOA!

Nokia India invited us a for a special event called ” Nokia Coastal Voyage” in Goa along with other like-minded geeks to play with Nokia’s innovative NFC feature and new range of Nokia Symbian Belle smartphones. The best part of the event is we got a Symbian Belle device to use for a day and they also engaged us in many fun events around Goa beaches.

Nokia NFC – How it differs ?

When you hear someone saying NFC the first things pops up in your mind is the Wallet System ? Right . NO! I don’t gonna speak about that.  Other that what we can do with NFC ? Any Guess ? Well Nokia took it out in a completely different way.

The NFC will be introduced in India by a catchy tag called “JustTap“. Well it explains it all!

Just Tap to

  • Pair your Nokia NFC smartphones to Share Files and media stuffs
  • Pair your NFC enabled headsets with your Nokia Smartphone
  • Get the information from the NFC tags to open a link or to-do a check-in etc..
This doesn’t stop right here. The firm is planning much bigger things with the NFC feature. The first simple thing they are starting with is you will get a free “NFC Tag with Game/Application URL” which takes you directly to the Nokia store. This will help most non-geek users to understand how NFC can be used as rather than waiting for a NFC payment system!
Here is a exclusive video about NFC  from my team mate Vijay Raj aka iClickd Photographer 

That’s some thoughts about NFC.
After little briefing about Symbian Belle and NFC Nokia India splitted us in to Teams and gave us a Symbian Belle smartphone to use throughout the event. I had a chance to play with the cute, sexy Nokia 700. Symbian Belle is the brilliant thing to happen for Symbian. With 1GHz processor on-board it gives the best Symbian experience. I wish Nokia 700 had a little wider screen so that I can make much use of my portrait keyboard rather than sticking to landscape keyboard most of the time.
Best Things in Symbian Belle :
  • NFC Integration
  • Smooth Transitions all over the system
  • Very much useful Widgets of all size
  • Draggable Notification Bar with quick access to connectivity settings
  • Improved Browser
The devices comes with Edof cam and its not that bad as you think. It took some great shots. Some samples below ..
Nokia is known for its brilliant hardware these three devices are no exception. I just hope Nokia works a bit more on essential stuffs like social networking apps which makes lot of mid tier users to jump into Symbian Ship and enjoy the brilliant hardware and NFC :) ..