@NokiaPush Snowboarding: R&D Videos From Laax

PUSH Snowboarding team is back from Laax with a huge collection of data for their progress. Here we bring you some exclusive pictures and R&D videos from the Team.

Push Snowboarding: R&D Episode 1: Speed

Episode 1 focuses on capturing a snowboarder’s speed, looking at measuring windspeed to determine how fast a boarder is going.

Push Snowboarding: R&D Episode 2: GSR

In this second of five films f Push Snowboarding development team, show us how they’re measuring Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). It measures an increase in sweat, so they’ll be using it to find out if a snowboarder can hold his nerve.

Watch out for the next Video about Orientation……

Stay Tuned with us in this awesome PUSH Snowboarding.