Official : Nokia 600 Cancelled! Nokia says no plans to bring it to markets.

I tweeted that the Nokia 600 cant be found anywhere in Nokia specs page and Nokia developer site so it may have been discontinued. Later official twitter account from @Nokia replied to a person saying that they no plans to bring it to markets.

Nokia 600 was called the Loudest of Nokia Smartphones with 106phon speaker and FM Transmitter . Unfortunately Nokia cancelled its production. But hey we got the cool 603! nothing to worry about 😉 Nokia maybe using the hardware for Windows Phone devices .

  • crank

    Noika 603: no LED flash, no FM transmitter, MicroSIM card support only, no internal FM radio antenna, weaker battery life

  • Bong_1918

    yeah your right crank not a best substitute for nokia 600.he is still d best phone to be launch .hello nokia what is your next loudest phone?

  • rachel

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