Official : Symbian Anna update to be out on July 2011 for S^3 devices

We have been waiting too long for the Symbian Anna update. Today Nokia France official Facebook page stated that the Symbian Anna update is ready to roll out on July 2011. This new update will followed by a special update for N8 to bring 30FPS video recording capabilities and continuous Auto Focus.

Nokia France says

Nokia N8 France Symbian Anna for July 2011: So it’s almost official update from Symbian Anna is currently being validated by Nokia, and should arrive for the month of July. In addition, a further update will be available shortly thereafter that of Anna for Nokia N8 and will record video at 30fps (24fps now) streaming video and autofocus.

Via NokiaFrance

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  • Adriankim

    too late got my android already… and happy with it.

    • Siraj Soft

      oh too bad for you

    • Siraj Soft

      oh too bad for you

  • Dullah

    Probably gonna be on the 31st of July :)

    • Siraj Soft

      anyway hope it comes July

  • Dazza1011

    What about S60v5?

    • Siraj Soft

      S60v5 don’t support this and S60v5 wont get any major updates this year Only some bugfixes

  • Paddy Gouk

    Sceptical user is sceptical….

    July will quite quickly become August, then October, then April next year…. And eventually the new software will come out, and my N8 will be a better phone, and i will enjoy it, however, my 2 year contract will end 2 days later and I will get a new phone…. Sigh

  • Alboooz

    Nokia is enjoying sleeping this days, or they just lost the marathon and they look them self on room in anger…bcz nothing much is happening from them to update S60v5th edition like N97mini…and all we hear from simplified-nokia coperator is rhetoric climes…we’ll do this and we’ll do that..we’ll revenge competitors and such nonsense climes we never even see them…Nokia is big loser for sure, and they made us Nokia owners even bigger losers!!
    See our friends already owning a 3D phone with screens and duo cameras advanced quality and powerful tech.
    We was promised a lot from nokia, but we got nothing…how about FlashPlayer v10 we was promised release for our S60v5th till the end of last year or January this year…,it was big lie…then they turn new lie for MeeGo…nokia su.ks big time!!!