Offtopic : Star Wars R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock Review

Star Wars on Nokia blog ?!! Consider this as an offtopic post :) . I just got the R2-D2 clock for my Star Wars collection . What’s special about this ? This clock comes with Wall Projection. What ?!! You heard it right it comes with Wall Projection. I was much excited to check this.


As this is a Star Wars Accessory it comes in a cool package with Star Wars written all-over it. The Package consists of R2-D2 clock and manual. My package also comes with batteries inside. The R2-D2 clock uses 2 x AAA batteries and 1 x LR44 batteries.

Review :

The R2-D2 clock comes with timer screen with Set Time and Mode buttons . With these buttons you can set Time,Alarm and Date. The best part of R2-D2 is when the Alarm goes on.

It surprises you with a projected time with the R2-D2 sfx. The Projection can also be turned on by pressing the ‘Demo’ button. When you press the button the R2-D2 projects the time and greet you with sound for thirty second. The speaker of the R2-D2 is  louder than the Mobile Phone Speakers. The Projection time for Alarm is set to sixty seconds. The Alarm sequence will play three times till you press Off/demo button.

The clock comes with movable head and arms. The head can be rotated upto 300 degress depending on the place to project the time during Alarm.

Verdict :

Pros :

  • R2-D2 Build quality is solid
  • Projection clock works great during alarm
  • Simple to set alarm as most digital watches
  • Cool R2-D2 Sfx

Cons :

  • Small display in clock
This R2-D2 Projection clock can be purchased at for the price of £21.95.  As a StarWars fan I recommend this clock as a must have in your StarWars Collection. You will love the time projection for sure.


  • RED5

    Hello, is it possible to have the hour projected without the alarm sound the night? All comments on web say the contrary.

  • Lou Whelan

    Help don’t know how to set this – my kids chucked out the instructions :( any advice?