Offtopic : Tata India Vista D90 Review


Thanks to TATA Motors and BlogAdda on their new initiative of choosing bloggers to review a Car. You heard it right! A CAR. I was one of the thirty shortlisted bloggers to try out the New Indica Vista D90. Here is my short review of the car based on the long drive from Chennai to Kanyakumari, southern tip of Tamil Nadu. I got the Indica Vista D90 ZX variant to try out for three days.




The car you see above is not the ordinary vista, its the sportier and high powered version of the Vista you know of. So Whats changed in this new Vista ? Read on to know more.


Design and Looks :



What have changed from the old Vista ?


The car looks a lot different than the usual Indica Vista. Thanks to the chrome strips running all over it. On the front you will notice many cosmetic changes.


The front grill is now covered with chrome strips and the TATA logo is prominently placed in the center of the grill.



Another major change is the headlights. Indica VistaD90 comes with triple barrel headlights.


The fog lamps at the bottom are now covered with chrome too.

Vista D90

The tires now comes with dual tone alloy wheels which is a very welcome change to a vista. It makes the Vista looks more sportier in my opinion. Moving to the top, the Indica Vista D90 comes with black infinity contrast roof which enhances the look of the car.

There is no major change at the backside of the car other than the new intelligent rear wiper. Inside the trunk you get a very good boot-space due to the 60:40 flip seats which can be adjusted easily. Inside the car you get dual tone interiors and many more features for the driver. I have explained it below.


Power and Braking : 



Thanks to the Quadrajet 90bhp engine. The Indica Vista D90 easily reaches 120kmph. without struggle.

Vista D90 Top Speed
My uncle pushed it to a maximum of 148Kmph in the highway. When you have so much power at your dispense there must be a better braking system.

Thanks to the ABS it gives better control over the car. Coming to the crucial mileage part.

The average mileage at the highway was around 15-17kmpl at the speed of 120kmph and AC on. How did I calculate mileage ? Well thanks to the DIS Aka Driver Information System. It shows three types of things

  • Mileage information – Instant and Avergae Mileage


  • Maximum kms the car can cover with the available fuel
  • Outdoor Temperature


Notice the central part you can see the phone icons in the audio system. Indica Vista D90 comes with Bluetooth. It lets you pair phones and play music or control voice calls.


The best part the music controls and phone controls are present in the steering wheel for quick access.

Safety :

Its good that TATA is very concerned about Safety of their passengers. Here are some safety features I spotted in the car.


  • Once you start the vehicle the seat belt sign on the dashboard continues to blink until you put the seat-belt.
  • Both the driver seat and the steering wheel are height adjustable for added comfort of the driver.


There is a special control panel on the driver’s door. It lets you to adjust side-view mirros and lock windows.

  • Dual Air bags in the car for additional protection.

Conclusion :


Overall this Indica Vista D90 looks like the perfect upgrade for Vista Series of Cars. It gives you most of the features of sedan class cars at the price of hatchback. If you are considering to get a hatchback with lots of features this is the one to get.

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