Orange Tsunami Best Homescreen for Nokia 5800

First of all tons of Thanks towhiskyy for his great work on finding the best homescreen for Nokia 5800.

Ok Now the steps needed to achieve this gorgeous homescreen.

1. Download this file Orange New Homescreen MOD

2.Transfer it to your mobile

3. Then start by installing file called OrangeTsunami Tornado to phone memory

4.Reboot your mobile.

You will see new Homescreen theme in your mobile.

5.You will be getting something like this

6.Second process done reboot again now

7.Now you can add widgets click the up arrow icon to see widgets.

8.You can see widgets just drag and drop them to the screen you can unlimited widgets there is no limit.

9.Adding Application shortcuts to Homescreen click add a shorcut select app you need.

10.It will look like this 😀

11.Editing widgets and arranging them

  • Hold on a widget to goto edit mode

  • Then delete widget or edit it

Post your doubts we love to help you.. 😀

Note: Install Orange Tsunami another file in Zip if you already have orange tornado installed 😀

  • Haximshinoda

    hey i get the error ''invalid certificate when i install it,,,,,,help me asap

    • appleorangefruit

      hi, use any ones cfw… you wont have that error again… :) if u dont have any idea about cfw let me know… :)

  • Haximshinoda

    hey i get the error ''invalid certificate when i install it,,,,,,help me asap

  • XUXU

    where can i find this theme?
    i loved the wallpaper!

    does anybody knows?

  • Marksk

    If you have a phone on the Orange network this can cause really big problems and require a Factory Reset as it interferes with the files already installed.

    • Arjun

      use signsis to sign the app and use it

  • Buddhika Perera

    The app worked fine and then it crashed and the nokia default homescreens were all messed up!!!!!!!

  • prince

    it shows certificate error on installation

  • donny

    you must hack you phone…..!!!!!!!

  • Hilarioreinielle

    i cant install this to my nokia 5800….only said cdertificate error caontact the supplier..
    how can i install this..

  • Anonymous

    How do u get this to work.. It doesnt work on mine :-( nokia 5800 clean v 51. says certificate error. No way to sign it!

    • mirceajemna

      i can give you my sis files )

  • Anonymous

    How do u get this to work.. It doesnt work on mine :-( nokia 5800 clean v 51. says certificate error. No way to sign it!

  • Djsand


  • Husnain

    when i install orange-tsunami there is certifcate the application supplier…
    so wt can do plz tell me???

    my phone software version is = v510.0.006
    plzzz tell wt can i do??

    • Furyofxpider

      get the application to signed for you to install it

  • Chipmunky

    is it gonna work with unhacked v51.0.0.6?

  • Hider141

    After I’ve installed this HS I came across the damned memory card bug (I have to remove so my 5800 can start, then insert it again). It seems I have to buy a new one, maybe a 16gb SD card.

    • Siraj Soft

      oh good luck with that

  • Marrtin

    Hey i installed this theme and its working can you tell how can we see temperature on the screen?

  • Cza

    Where exactly might I be able to find said file?

  • Dkethan63

    i could not open da file

  • Drbounty


  • Ricocidral

    muito bom

    • Siraj Soft

      Bom Muito

  • Yj

    nokia 5530 can support this software?

    • Siraj Soft


  • Yj

    certificate error how should i do

    • Siraj Soft

      sign it bro

  • Fffaseeh

    Superb man ………..

    Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx alot ……

    • Siraj Soft


  • Ankit_mehta7

    Dude, it works alright, send me link to the THEME!! ASAP!!

    • Siraj Soft

      SURE dude

  • bboybokals

    siraj soft i signed the orange tsunami tornado, the phone says “requested application access not granted..” why like that?

    • Benopm

      you hv to hack ur fone…nd den install it..



  • FahmiE

    certificates error..why??

    • Soufmessouar17_1989

      wheere is the link ???*

  • Rexa Muhammad

     oh please give it to me too, in my cell doesnt work

  • Devastazioni NonUfficiale


  • Anant Walke

    Hey. I have hacked my phone with Neutron firmware based on c6-03 and it doesn’t have home page setting feature.. It only has theme settings.

    Could you tell that how to set these types of home screen with my phone..My phone is Nokia 5233

    Awaiting your reply.

  • Basil

    cant find the download link!!!!!plz help:'(

  • 2543395112

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  • Sagar_bhalerao29

    hiiiii i get certificate error so plz tell me what to do?

  • Fadi Ayyoob

     i can;t see downloading option whree istha pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss

  • Chad12_agent

    its bad error 

  • Popeshawn1

     click add a shorcut select app you need.where is that at so i can add my programes to it

  • Nabil

    certificate error can you help me developer..

  • Manishthedriftking

    its good.


    certificate error plssssss help meeeeee what to dopls