Ovi Mail 2.0 Launched – integrated with contacts

Ovi team has just launched the new Ovi Mail 2.0….

Here, Mail is now integrated with contacts. It means, Mail no longer has a separate address book for a contacts, which means your Ovi Mail contacts and Ovi Contacts are merged into a single list. You can edit,create and delete your Ovi Mail and Ovi Contacts. You also sync your device phonebook with Ovi Mail and Contacts. The next time you log in to Mail, you will probably get the following notification (just click “Go to my Inbox”)

This was the most desired feature by our customers and we are very excited to bring this feature to you! Another key update is that Mail 2.0 comes with Arabic support both on your device and webmail.

Over 280 million people all over the world use Arabic as their first language and customers in Arabic-speaking countries can now view their Mail account in Arabic.

Finally, Mail now has 6 + million total users. And this is a outstanding accomplishment for Ovi as they setup Mail just over a year ago. And we’re seeing this number grow by about 1 million new users a month!