Ovi Maps Challenge now available from OVI Store

After the Release of Bounce Boing Multiplayer battle there is also another  flash based game from Rovio. The game is called OVI maps Challenge.

From OVI Blog:

Ovi Maps Challenge is a map-based geography trivia game where you can take part in quizzes and collect stamps in your passport while hopping from continent to continent. The game is a perfect pastime when commuting or traveling and it basically offers you an exciting learning journey around the world!

The game has two game modes: action mode and quiz mode. In ‘action’ mode players compete against the clock when trying to get correct answers and score the highest points. ‘Quiz’ mode, in turn, allows more time for solving quizzes while players earn stars for correct answers and upgrade to higher levels.

“Ovi Maps Challenge is the first Flash Lite game from Rovio”, says Raine Mäki. “Both game modes require skills and knowledge, and the steady learning curve means you’ll be enjoying Ovi Maps Challenge for a long time to come. Developing the game was quite a trip in itself, and we learned a lot about places we didn’t even know existed!”

With 16 different quiz types players get to arrange cities and countries by size of population and area, match correct flags with countries, and locate places and famous sights on the world map. To keep up the challenge, travelers can purchase four additional country packs from Store, Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia/Oceania, and collect stamps from every new country they visit.

Ovi Maps Challenge is available for free (excluding the additional country packs) for all Nokia touch screen devices based on Symbian^1 and Symbian^3, including the Nokia X6, Nokia N97 mini and Nokia N8 .

Via OVI blog

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