OVI music Unlimited Launched Officially in India

Ovi Music Unlimited launched in India today, bringing 12 month’s worth of unlimited music downloads to anyone who purchases an Ovi Music Unlimited enabled device. It offers four million tracks and keep increasing with tracks from regional languages such as Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil and Marathi.

The tracks are splitted in to 19 genres suchas the usual Rock, Rap and Hip Hop with the local Bollywood, Sufi and Indipop. It also provides info full metadata with each track, users can search for music by actor, actress or movie.

Ovi Music Unlimited has been customised for the Indian market with the Ovi client reduced from 60MB to 3MB.

Users  also be able to access their Ovi Music Unlimited account from multiple PCs. Ovi Music Unlimited users will also be able to share tracks via Bluetooth breaking down the DRM thing.

From Nokia Conversations blog:

India is Nokia’s 30th country to offer unlimited music downloads and with the size and scale of the local music catalogue on offer, it’s sure to be very popular. As well as offering up music from over 150 local labels, the service will also have tracks available from the major global labels.

Check out more detais at Ovi Music Unlimited.

Via Nokia Conversations blog