Pepsi’s Awesome Football Themes And Wallpapers For Free!! in OVI store

Its football season and the Pepsi and Nokia announced Ovi Store football channel featuring exclusive Pepsi content as well as entertainment, apps and information from the world’s most recognized football content providers. The channel leverages Ovi Store’s global reach to offer Nokia football fans around the globe the easiest place to shop for the most popular and most refreshing mobile football content.

Now the Pepsi released awesome Football themes and wallpapers which features famous football stars like Messi, Drogba, Henry, Lampard, Torres, Ballack and Kaka. And the themes and wallpapers looks great and they are free to download.

Visit Pepsi’s OVI store channel Here

  • Nellie Darcey

    A good logo is worth a thousand words. And it’s true, indeed …

  • Lucian From LA

    does anyone still have there themes or can point me to a link where i can download them
    cause on ovi there are no more pepsi theme