Pirated C6v1 Custom Firmware for Nokia 5800 with C6 Homescreen

Pirates_Killer is a very good Custom Firmware maker. He have posted a good firmware for 5800 with the new C6 Homescreen.
C6v11 by PNHT or 5800v51 FEATURES:-
– Enable rotation effect
– N97/C6 Homescreens
– New Music Styles
– New Gallery Styles
– Camera totally silent in silent profile mode
– Vibration level 1 already fixed in v51
– Light Intensity automatic set to 50%
– Can install everything without RomPatcher- Installserver patch
– 100% Apps can be installed if without built in error
– OVI store installation is disabled but will run if you click it
– RAM management improved
– System bugs reduced
– Most Rated Widget is in HS automatically
– Nokia File Browser


– Adobe Reader PDF removed successfully (you can reinstalled using sis w/o errors)
– Quick Office removed (you can reinstalled using sis w/o errors)

– Voice Recorder up to 12 hours
– Delivery reports oon by default
– Messagging sent folder set to 999
– Can resume download when power, hardware or software failure occurs
– Automatic Keyguard time set to 30 sec
– Max Automatic Keyguard time increase to 10 minutes
– Web Browser totally cache in E:\
– Web Browser cache increase to 10MB to optimise speed during surfing
– Display time-out set to 30 sec
– Maximum of cache entry increase from 512 to 1024
– UI frame rame increase from 11fps to 33fps
– UI Max CPU Usage set to 80%
– UI Complexity Factor doubled
– Heap Size Doubled
– System will cache in E:\
– Caching size increase from 16.777216 MB to 33.554432 MB
– Music Player only read E:\Music\
– Browser can be rotated even sensor is off by going to options of browser
– Camera will not eat RAM after being closed
– All Application do not consume RAM even aplication close
– RAM fixed over time
– Tapping Control added and auto on
– Turning Control now all auto on
– FOTA reserved space deleted
– Gallery images searching optimise
– Volume of earpiece and accessory sound during calling increase to maximum
– Loudspeaker volume during calling set to medium 5/10
– Call image set to no call image by default
– Kinetic Scrolling smooth in all area with simple theme
– Disable unusefull application run on startup
– Send jar, sis, sisx, wgz and some protected files using nokia default file manager
– Ovi Contacts Disabled
– Web Browser bookmark edited ( Daily Mobile Forum, PIRATED News, PNHT, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Gmail, Youtube, Hotmail )
– Patches autocopy to E:
– Phone Model: Nokia 5800-C6 XpressMusic
– Languages Set: English UK
– Custom Firmware: PIRATED C6v1
– File manager can see all system folder
– Messaging is now improved
– Camera improved
– Default bluetooth name: 5800-PIRATED C6v1
– Theme Effect: Taken from PIRATEDv5 N97
– Bootscreen: LuziQ bootscreen v3
– Ringtones/Message Tones from PNHT c6
– Mixed theme effect
– Menu organised with Xtreme Menu by LuZiQ a.k.a sic-ever
– Predictive text auto OFF
– When connect to USB, it will automatically choose Mass Storage
– Now you can have shortcut widget up t0 5 widgets 😀
– Message reader fixed
– Splashscreen: by SPiRiTMAZE
– Shutdownsplash by: pranil.maniyar

– 3 default theme from PNHT c6
– Dark DI by IND190 (default)

– 2themes : Change for HS folder in 10207254 from Z: to C:
– Bluetooth Locker : Bluetooth cannot be enabled
– Deny New Installation : Cannot Install Any Apps
– Disable Default enhancement note : Delete enhancement note when connected
– DisableLogs : Log will be disabled
– DisableUSSDNotes : USSD note disabled
– Install Server RP+ : Enable install all unsigned, all caps apps
– LCD Light ON : LCD light always ON
– LCD OFF Charge Complete : When charging completed, LCD turn off
– Long Multi Tap : Increase delay time for all keys (a little bug)
– NoBlankPassword : No more ***** shows
– Open4All RP+ : Open dir of sys, private
– ReadCRoot : Make nokia file manager to view all files in C:roots
– Remove red LED : Red LED removed in camera
– Settings Deactivate : Unable to open settings in menu
– Short Multi Tap : Decrease delay time for all keys (a little bug)
– Switch Shutdown to Reboot : Power button will responsible for rebooting phone
– USB Data Disable : Disable USB connectivity
– 12 Month Call log : Call log will stay for 12months
– c2z4bin THUMB : mapping bin to C:
– Disable Profile switchNote : No more profile switch note

– Modded RomPatcher+ 2.3 by molosar
– Open4allRP+ auto on
– InstallServerRP+ auto on
– OpenCROot auto on
– Vivaz Conversation
– Think Change Autoinstaller v1.02
– AppsUID Viewer
– PhoneTorch v2.0
– Siseditor
– PhonetInfo


1- Please make sure your current version is now v51.0.006 flashed not from FOTA
2- Please check PNHT forum how to add languages
3- Please download new c6-FW ported in 5800, c6v11
4- This download content only have ROFS2
5- Before flashing my CFW please do **CLEAN to avoid bugs that should not appear 😀
**{Hard reset} and {format MMC ,or Delete private, resource, sys, system in memory card}


Download HERE:



  • Airkiller18

    I don’t like the model name…;p

    • Yerman

      what other firware files do we need to download

  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.joseph.young Edward Joseph Young

    is the messaging in threaded view?

    • Airkiller18

      Yes bro, this CW has Conversations..;p

  • Orjon

    is this better than XpressNeutron by Rohith???

  • Airkiller18

    Yes dude! This is the best CW ever released! THANKS ALOT Siraj! YOU ROCK!!!!;p

  • Vikna

    hi guys, can anyone guide me to a link on how to flash the nokia 5800?
    went through a few website but not sure which is the correct one.
    thank you

  • Amit

    hey siraj im spreading this page on Facebook and DotSis

  • Ajitbhansali

    only rofs2 file than what about
    * RM-356_51.0.006_C01_prd.rofs3.fpsx as CNT Flash File
    * RM-356_51.0.006_026_000_U01.uda.fpsx as APE Variant File
    please guide can we use original rofs3 and uda.fpsx file from nevifirm for flashing with your rofs2 file

  • Sarath

    i am not getting it flashed and cooked…wat file is to be replaced for rof2…else phone gets dead

  • Makisig

    I tried it and all I can say is…

    …it’s AWESOME!!!
    Thanks for this Pirates_Killer!

    • Mike

      Hi Makisig
      Since the firmware maker n all are not reply
      u tell me how to flash my phone gets bricked all tym

      • Makisig

        Hello there Mike,
        What do you mean your phone gets bricked all time? Is it when you flash it?

        • Mike

          yes Makisig
          it bricks l time i flash it, why ?i used core n uda file from navi
          n rofs2 of pirates leaving rof3
          plz reply soon, as possible

          • Makisig

            Hey sorry for delayed reply.
            I can’t get what you mean but based on my understanding, you use the .core and the .uda files that you’ve downloaded from Navifirm. And the .rofs2 file from pirates_killer. What version of uda & core files have you downloaded from Navifirm? Is it the v51 of 5800XM or the v11 of C6?

          • Mike

            Hi Sorry for my delayed reply
            i used core,uda from navi all v51
            and rof2 of pirates still mobile gets bricked

          • Makisig

            Hello there Mike,
            Okay now I understand.
            You must download the files from PNHT’s site.
            Search for “Nokia C6 fw v11 ported to 5800”
            Use these files to flash your phone.
            Files from Navifirm won’t work on cfw.
            Hope it help you.

  • Myshitbox

    Hi, I tried flashing this CFW and everytime it bricks my phone. I’m using all the original files from Navifirm, except for the rofs2 posted here wich i renamed.

    Am I doing something wrong? I changed my product code so that it would be compatible with v51. Thanks.

  • randomboy

    Is it possible to change the bootscreen to the default one?

  • Ninocrazygamer

    Guyz how to install this firmware,with JAF??

  • Emiliano

    Hi! I have firmware version v51.2.007, can I install this CFW?

    • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft


  • http://www.facebook.com/jinuem Vincent Raja

    im hav version v52.0.007.. how to install this.. if not.. any possiblities to downgrade it..

  • http://profiles.google.com/nicuandrei44 Andrei Nicu

    works on C6-01 , RM-718?

    • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

      No it don’t work