PocketBoom Speaker Review!

“PocketBoom” does this word sounds crazy?! As the name says this is one crazy speaker we have tested. There are millions of accessories for your smartphones but this one is a special gadget which turns any surface to virtual speakers with booming bass. Thanks to MobileFun.co.uk for sending us one to test.

Package :

The Pocket Boom comes in a sleek package with essential things it need. The Package consists of

  • Pocket Boom Speaker
  • USB Power Cable
  • Replacement Sticky pads
Usage :
The pocket boom is sleek and stylish much like a cute toy. It comes with a 3.5mm Jack which is compatible with almost all Smart phones and Music players nowadays . The pocket boom can be used with USB or by using two AAA batteries! Insert two AAA batteries and you are ready to  make any surface your own speaker. Our friends are much impressed by its sound and its capability to turn any surface to speaker.  The pocket boom uses a special vibration speakers which sends out sounds waves inform of vibration which reflects from the surface as sound. When we tested these speakers we found it works good with any surfaces such as wood,glass, plastic cups etc but we just love the sound from the hallow boxes we feel it sounds much better than any other surface. The bigger the box , louder the sound.

Positives :
  • Geeky,Sleek and Portable
  • Affordable
  • Surprisingly Loud [depends on the surface you attach]
  • Music Playback time with two AAA batteries is more than three hours
Negatives :
  • Sticky Pad looses its stick quite soon in our tests :-(
  • Like we mentioned before some surfaces produces irritating noise
  • No in-built battery
You can buy the Pocket Boom vibration speaker via MobileFun.co.uk for only £14.99, which is a fantastic price for a cool product. And hey Geeks this is such a cool toy which deserves a place in your desk 😀 .
  • http://blog.rightmobilephone.co.uk/ Right Blogger

    Heh, rather nice speaker… But what phone is there on the pic? Can’t see any brand name on it!

    • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

      Its a developer device called Nokia N950

      • http://blog.rightmobilephone.co.uk/ Right Blogger

        Ah, I see… thanks. Didn’t seem familiar to me.