Qik Premium Video Camera App now in OVI store

Qik goes premium in OVI store. This version lets you download hiquality videos and burn them. Qik lets you record and share videos with your friends, family and the world! With Qik Premium you can download your videos, burn them into DVDs, experience fast playback even on slow connections and your video quality is enhanced for higher quality playback especially on phones with 3MP camera and above. Features include: – Share to your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – Send video messages privately via Email, SMS – Show your family and friends what you’re seeing live!

You can always do a lot with your free Qik account, but starting today you can do even more with Qik Premium. Download your videos, burn them into DVDs, enjoy higher quality playback and faster playback on slower connections for a promotional price of only $4.99/year.

  • This promotion is exclusively available from the Ovi Store by Nokia
  • Special promotional price ends March 31, 2010
  • With this promotion, you also get free access to features that we’ll be adding to Qik Premium in the Ovi Store this year.

Build your mobile video library

Save your videos (MPEG-4) from qik.com to your computer, add them to your existing media collection, edit them, burn them into DVDs or create movies with your Qik videos.

Better playback experience

We apply our unique high quality transcoding to make your videos look even better. See the difference for yourself by clicking the “HQ” button in this video. You can even playback these high quality videos from your mobile phone.

Your videos are also optimized for faster playback on all types of network connections. Say if you are on a slower connection, switch to non-HQ and playback your videos faster.

Below is the screenshot of the first frame of the video between the two quality levels. Watch the difference around the number 700, the texture of the grass around it and the houses and trees in the back.

Non HQ (HQ button is greyed)

Non HQ (HQ button is grey’d)



Coming next to Qik Premium:

  • Ability to upload and share videos recorded with your mobile phone’s native camera application

Qik Premium is now exclusively available from the Ovi Recommends Channel for a promotional price of only $4.99 / year, which is less than 2cents / day. You can also download this from the Ovi Store application on your Nokia phone by going to http://store.ovi.mobi/content/27434 on your Nokia phone. This promotional price also provides you with access to all the features that we’ll be adding to Qik Premium this coming year.