Qt powered QML YouTube Player for S^3 Devices

Qt apps have been flooding the OVi Store these days. We just stumbled on a Qt powered QML Youtube player. Well its as smooth as all QML apps. It is a pretty decent youtube player for your Symbian S^3 devices. It consists of all the option you would expect in a Youtube player such as featured, most viewed, most recent, Top rated and integrated Youtube search.

Tapping on the top of screen zoom the video while tapping down shows the seek bar with player controls.

Nokia N8 promo running in Youtube player.


Download Here:

QML YouTube player

  • El Marko

    How is this better than Opera Mobile (for enhanced searching) or Google’s YouTube app, for Symbian? I mean, I’d only want to load this QML YouTube Player if I was going to jettison an app. I’m not going to remove Opera Mobile from my N8. The only other apps I’ve got, for YouTube, is the Google app and YouTube Downloader. The QML YouTube Player doesn’t appear to have a download function. So, can anyone offer any specifics as to whether the QML YouTube Player is better than Google’s?