Review: Proporta Quillit 3 in 1 Stylus Pen for Nokia X7-00 (by @warmth)

I received this stylus pen when I was in possession of my Nokia N8, but sadly I got my phone stolen. This caused my reviews to stop just after they have started and I was not able to buy another Nokia Smartphone so I decided to get the cheaper smartphone available in the marked while saving money to get a new Nokia Top handset. But “every cloud has a silver lining” and after a few days using a Vodafone Smart (858) / Huawei U8160 with Android, I received some great news from @WOMWorldNokia guys by giving me the opportunity to try Nokia’s newest handsets for free. Yesterday I finished my trial with a brand new Nokia X7-00 and I was able to test the Quillit Stylus Pen on its great 4 inches capacitive touch screen but this didn’t stop me from going further and pushing the Stylus Pen to its edges.

The Quillit is a 3 in 1 Stylus Pen that includes: a brush stylus for capacitive touch screens, a nib stylus for resistive screens and a real working pen costs 33.95 USD or 29.95 € at Proporta Online Store. But before talking about its features, lets analyze its look and feel. It has a standard pen size so you won’t have problems to get used to it and with its average weight you will feel like you are handling a normal pen but in fact its a very robust gadget because of its metallic case that makes the stylus pen feel like a very strong artifact, and indeed it is. The case resists high pressures and also breaks its fall avoiding damaging its functionality, very impressive. Normally pen clips are very frail but this is not the case, it possesses a very strong clip but I think was a bit exaggerated because  it was very hard to separate to use it.

My next test was of the actual pen, a light turn to the left of the bottom part released the pen nib. Nice black inked roll on pen with a very good performance over most of the surfaces but with a huge limitation, there is no way to replace its ink or at least I didn’t find a way. This makes this pen a emergency pen instead of daily use one.

Now a light turn to the right of the bottom part released the nib stylus for resistive screens, a black nib that performed greatly in cameras screens and old resistive smartphones like the Nokia N97. It also can be used as pointer, because it allows you to point to things without really marking them. These two bottom features have a great advantage over the upper feature I will talk of next, they have a hand grip that allow you to have more control when you use it.

The upper part features a brush stylus for capacitive touch screens, a light turn to the left made the black oiled-look brush appear. I must say that this must be improved by Proporta’s engineers and some instructions for beginners are needed. It was my first time with this kind of stylus and I had to figure out how to use it by myself. After many attempts I realized that brushing the screen was the only way to make it work fluently, pressing hard with the brush top also worked but it wasn’t the expected result due to the fact that it slips up thanks to the grip lack. Then I noticed that as I used the brush, it started to became softer and the scrolling began to be more responsive, one thing I was hoping to see in my first attempt. After a few days using it on the Nokia X7-00, I realized all the great and frequent uses it can have. Specially navigating through photos with it and editing them was awesome.

I have a theory, the bigger the screen is then its use will become bigger, perhaps reducing the brush could make this to work better on small screens. By the way, don’t use this brush with the default screen protector that comes with phone, the bristles are too hard for it and will scratch it. I tested it over a screen without a screen protector but as soon I get the E7-00 I will be trying out next and a screen protector I will let you guys know in the comments the result. Maybe Proporta’s guys will get all this noted for a probable Quillit 2 but for now here is a promocode WARMTH to get 10% discount on all of their products. What do you guys think? How about adding a laser pointer to it?

Note: Look the great phrases Proporta putted inside the box.

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