Review: StuckBuddy for Nokia E7-00 (by @warmth)

Gadgets are all about comfort. Depending on the conditions you put yourself in, everything around you could be better or worse. The Nokia E7-00 closed, as many of the Nokia’s touchscreen handsets, looks like a monoblock device and if you don’t have it in your hands it becomes flat and dull to be controlled. I’m one of those people that arrive home and immediately connect the phone to its USB cable hanging off the desktop pc, laptop or netbook to start syncing everything that happened that day (new photos, contact detail changes, etc.) and in the meantime charge the phone. Meanwhile, it’s totally normal for example receiving a call, a WhatsApp message, etc. but that stuff cannot be controlled yet through the computer thus we must use directly the phone to interact with these apps.

A handset lying on the desk is very difficult to operate but there are some nice solutions in the market to solve this problem. Many companies have come along with stands like the one Nokia included in the Nokia 5800 Express Music. I used to use this stand to watch movies in my Nokia N8-00, it was very handy because it was retractable but rigid so writing using the touchscreen was very uncomfortable because the phone normally slipped and even the stand, for not having anti-slippery gums on its feet, tended to move back on pressing.

Then I discovered the StuckBuddy, a very nice universal suction cup stand that solves both problems with one single piece. It sticks very well to any plane surface and supports incredible pressure back and forth with its bulbed rear. That way you can place your E7-00 or any other device with a free space on its back in the angle you want (different angles are reached by sticking the StuckBuddy higher or lower in both portrait and landscape modes) with the screen pointing at you. This will allow you to touch the screen without any problem. I see this accessory more useful with touchscreen only devices, for example the E7-00 is an slide handset that includes a physical QWERTY keyboard on landscape mode, I tested it opened with the StuckBuddy and the result was not satisfactory but when is closed this accessory is outstanding.

Another uses I could find for a single StuckBuddy (because I’m pretty sure that having more than one could leave you with an entire budget of new options to play with) was secure hand holding of the E7-00. If you stick this accessory in the back of your phone and you run your fingers through its stem, the bulb gently press and secures the phone in your hand. A very nice feature that can be used when you are lying on your bed facing up to prevent the phone to slip from your fingers and in case you were handling the phone at high altitude like on apartment balconies.

I advise to clean both the surface you are sticking on and the suction cup and press it with some strength to avoid detachments, it doesn’t leave marks but be careful with the camera lens. You can get one for only for 6€ (approx. 8 USD) on which I thought it was a bit high cost in the beginning but it becomes so addictive that trust me it’s worth it. On their site they have photos and videos of how the users are cleverly taking advantage of this little accessory: they have employed it to hang their keys, their coat and even to tilt their Ipad’s at an angle using two Stuckbuddy’s at the same time in different positions and so many other uses. Try it and let me know in the comments what do you think about it! They also have many others mobile phone holders and Nokia accessories, be sure to check them out too.

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