[Updated] Review: Proporta Stereo Y Splitter Cable for Nokia N8-00 (by @warmth)

Proporta Stereo Y Splitter Cable

Music and sharing lovers, if you have a gadget with 3.5 mm/1.8” stereo output this is an accessory for you and I’m gonna tell you why. Splitters are very common as a solution to get the same signal in two terminals but most of the time this signal gets corrupted and attenuated by the incoming noise and resistance of this kind of supplementaries. Since HD video and sound hit the world, we care a lot more about the significant loss of quality when using extras for our devices.

Nokia N8 owners, like me, know about video and audio quality because our phone has one of the best cameras in the market. The built-in mic and woofers are super fine attributes, even the headphones that comes with our phone have an amazing design and also delivers a very good experience while listening to every kind of media.

Based on this and the fact that at least one time in life we have wanted to share stuff we are listening to privately with a friend but we don’t want to lose the stereo effect (because it’s very simple to share a one headphone and stay with the other), we need to opt for a splitter. But how does this splitter have to be? Portable, lightweight and robust. Those are exactly the characteristics of the Proporta Stereo Y Splitter Cable, even the package is great, with a nice rubber tab with Proporta’s logo. It’s design is very nice because of its hard Y with a short extension (14 cm) of its output to reach more complex device ports. Almost 60° separates each tip so cables won’t get mixed and noise is very well handled. The 2 available sockets allow you to connect almost every standard headphones with a 3.5 mm terminal.

Proporta Stereo Y Splitter Cable with WH-701

I have tried it with my Nokia N8-00 and am amazed at how the sound preserves all its quality and volume level with two headphones connected, even while playing th radio. This is very curious cause its outputs and input terminals are not gold-plated like high quality cables normally are, this fact makes the Y splitter a very affordable accessory only 5.95 USD or 4.95 € at Proporta Online Store. One bad thing in splitting the signal is that you completely loose the functionality of the  Nokia WH-701 buttons, so you won’t be able to for example pause the song. However the super cool feature in the N8 that auto pause the music when abruptly disconnecting the headphones is preserved when the whole splitter gets disconnected. So trust me is a very good choice to buy and to thank you for reading this review. Here is a promocode WARMTH to get 10% discount on all of their products, what do you think?

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UPDATE (19/09/2011): I found a particular and very useful function of the splitter and I thought you will love to know it. As a Nokia super user, I always have my Nokia headphones with me. Maybe some of you know and some don’t but these ones are not only simple headphones but also a FM antenna for the Nokia handsets that don’t have one inbuilt. This could be an advantage when using them with Nokia devices but when you try to use them on a normal stereo jack this advantage most of the time become a problem.  If you see carefully the plug and compare it with another normal stereo plug, it’s very easy to notice a third dark strip on its head, the splitter “magically” isolates this one avoiding any problem when using Nokia headphones on non-Nokia audio sources (i.e. an airplane or train radio/TV audio output).