Rohith’s XpressLite Release Candidate 2.0 Custom Firmware with cool SWF’s

Change Log Of XpressLite Release Candidate 2.0
All changes of my XpressLite R.C. 1.0 also included plus below changes :
1. Bt receiver
2. Siseditor
3. Quick redial
4. Touch restart app added
5. Default homescreen is iphone
6. Removed samsung hs bottom bar to have full screen flash swf homescreens !!!]
7. You dont need to stick to this iphone hs…. You can even use samsung widget hs by just changing the “gadget.swf” file in memory card !!!
8. U can also have landscape homescreen by using a landscape swf flash file… like in the 3rd image above… i used iconsole swf file by mmmooo !!!

*if u all want the bottom four icons in all live wallpapers u may stick to my earlier XpressLite R.C. 1.0…. this release candidate 2.0 is for people who want full screen live wallpapers…. as widin a Β month we will have tons of live flash homescreen…. so in fullscreen they will look good…

Download Link For XpressLite R.C. 2.0 only English-

Live wallpaper pack contains the following !!!
– myphone iphone by mmmooo
– iphone by liliantungary , Gonizah and others involved
– iconsole by mmmooo
– samsung widget hs fullscreen
– gadget waves by d3vilh4ck3r
– csfg_swirls_3
– elipse_o_matic
– follow u
– blue waves
– HTC sense pro clock
– Metalclock
– MobileAquarium
– Skeleton
– Southsea
– Spider_noClock
– Twitter_Panel
Download link for this 15 swf file ->

  • Sreejith

    Thank you! :)

  • Firoze

    First of all thanks a LOT for sharing this great firmware with all of us, and that too, for free. You guys are like digital social workers… thanks a million!

    I know this is a very boring question for you guys, but it is also a very genuine problem for those who don't know how to install such fws. I know it'll take a lot of time to explain this to people like me who don't know how to install such a fw, but, if you have the time and desire to explain it to me, I'd REALLY appreciate it a lot.

    My question, as you have figured out, is how does one install this fw? I downloaded the attachments and I got the 3 files, with extensions I've never heard of… so how do I integrate these files into my Nokia 5800 XM? What has to be done?

    Any help at all on this question by you would be really great. Thanks again.

  • Rohith

    hi, yes… here there is step by step instruction… ->
    :) let me know if u r having any difficulty… :)

    • Brian Hillard

      Link is dead mate :(

      • Siraj Soft

        Will Check thanks for notifiyng :)

    • Brian Hillard


      Is this F/W for RM-356?


      • Siraj Soft

        Yes bro

  • Sreejith
    • Nod

      how can I install the custom firmware

  • Firoze

    ThanQ very much for replying to my question… I am really very very grateful to you guys for replying! I'll certainly check out the links you have so kindly provided as I want to make my great 5800, even grewater! Thanx very very much! πŸ˜€

  • shiz

    Is there any way of removing the bottom bar from the HS without flashing the phone? Thanks

  • Ace001

    CAn i Flash it on Nokia 5233 plz reply soon plzzz

  • Meiermax

    please, create a german version

  • Maddy

    Hey rohith, i have flashed my tube with ur cfw.. all apps are installed. but it didnt show any homescreens.. i have used ur tuto. for flashing.. Every thing goes right but no homescreens. Can u suggest y it happed???

  • Jbala73

    Thanks buddy. Can i flash with this rofs2 & 3 with the latest firmware v51?

  • Rahul2u_u

    thanks for this gr8 firmware

  • emre

    turks pls…

  • emre

    turksh pls pls.

  • eltonada

    first thanks for the great Firmware πŸ˜‰

    when will we have a v51? πŸ˜€

    sorry for my english… I’m portguese.

  • eltonada

    sorry, I only noticed now that XpressNeutron it’s the v51 of this.

    sorry, and thanks for the good mods πŸ˜‰

  • Brockkamlesh

    Will this work for Nokia 5233????
    pls Rply….

  • Arkydon

    Murder on the battery life???