USB Mass storage mode in Lumia 800 How To Tutorial!

USB Mass storage mode in Lumia 800

We Symbian users just love the USB Mass Storage mode in our devices. When I got the Lumia 800 I just hate the way of syncing everything via Zune. I was searching for a hack to enable USB Mass storage mode in Lumia 800. I found it in and XDA  that it can be enabled on other WP phones via registry hack. So I just tried it in Lumia 800. It just works.  Here are the steps to enable USB Mass storage mode in Lumia 800.


USB Mass storage mode in Lumia 800

Step 1 :

USB Mass storage mode in Lumia 800

Open Registry Editor by typing ” regedit ” in start bar or in Run tool.

Step 2:

USB Mass storage mode in Lumia 800

In the Left Pane click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and find a folder tree called SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Enum and then USB.

Step 3:

USB Mass storage mode in Lumia 800

Press Ctrl + F or click Find in Edit Menu at the Menu Bar and search for “ZuneDriver” make sure USB folder is selected before searching.

Step 4:

USB Mass storage mode in Lumia 800

It will find Zune Driver inside a folder tree called as VID_045E&PID_04EC&MI_00 . Just ignore all the stuffs and click Device Parametres folder tree.

P.S : Before we proceed rightclick Device Parameters and click Export in case if something goes wrong this will restore the registry to old state :) .

Step 5 :

When you click Device Parameters in the right pane it will display the registry values under it.

Step 6:

Registry editing begins now

In the right pane double-click the registry value called

  • ShowInShell and change its value from 0 to 1 .
  • PortableDeviceNameSpaceExcludeFromShell and change its value from 1 to 0 .
  • EnableLegacySupport from 0 to 1 .


Make sure these three values are changed. Just close the registry editor and it will save those values.


Step 7:



Remove the Lumia 800 and re-insert it again. You will see two portable devices in My Computer with a Storage capacity of  13.3GB. Now you can transfer your songs, pictures and videos to the Lumia without using Zune.



This trick consists of some drawbacks such as music added via this hack will show as unknown album in Music app.

But in our test the picture and video transfers to the device worked without any problem. Just make sure you copy the compatible formats to play in Lumia 800. This hack is faster that Zune as you can see the files pop up in gallery or video player as you begin to transfer.



After using USB Mass storage mode in Lumia 800 dont forget to eject device before removing the usb cable 😉 .


Note :


We are still not sure whether this hack works without Zune. We have removed the Zune but still the Lumia 800 managed to get drivers from Internet and we had to reapply this registry hack to enable it to show in My Computer. And the file transfers worked fine too. We are conducting further tests in different systems whether we can use Lumia 800 as USB stick without Zune. We will let you know soon. Till then read and share USB Mass storage mode in Lumia 800 post .

Update : You can use this USB Mass storage mode in Lumia 800 hack in any Windows Phone seven smartphones

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  • Karthik372

    hi i have some problem with this, i did this hack on my windows phone, samsung omnia 7 but i am seeing only as portable device in mycomputer i cant copy the files to it , help me pls

  • Karthik372

    thanks dude now i got it

    • Siraj Soft

      What was the problem before ? Zune missing ? 

      • mano

        I finally got this to work after having the same problem with it not allowing you to copy files into the folder and not showing any of the existing files. I installed zune, then updated the phone for the first time. It immediately started working as a mass storage device that would let me copy files over to it after that.

  • Karthik372

    i have big problem now. i cant install apps frm zune. when i click on install apps its showing all the steps as before but i cant see the app in the mob. pls help me 

  • Guest

    I did everything but then when I try and paste anything, it says it doesn’t have permission to paste. Help please? Thanks in advance :)

    • Siraj Soft

      Hope you changed with Admin rights in regedit.

  • Geekworldnews

    nice tutorial.

    • Siraj Soft

      Thanks :)

  • Guest

    i did everything step by step but it says it doesn’t have permission to paste. and i changed in admin rights…… so what went wrong

    • Siraj Soft

      The registry is saved already just reboot and try. Hope you edited the registry with admin rights

      • Guest

        i edited it with admin rights and even after reboot still no permission to paste ….. can the problem be that i use windows xp or shouldnt that be a problem?

        • Siraj Soft

          Sorry I tried it in windows 7 not much idea about XP :-(

          • ka

            just off d zune 😉

          • darude

            does it affect the phone like jail break and warranty voids

  • Hari Om Swarnkar

    not able to paste anything in the two portable devicdes showing with my mobile name….
    it says “can not copy, the device has either stopped responding or disconnected.”
    please help.

    • Karthikhunk

      first close ur zune to get the drive inside ur portable devices. 

    • MSD vicky

      The same problem with me too……I tried the step and it is not working for me too….Really the Zune software has just sucked and deleted all my data from my system….Now i need to reinstall some music files…

  • santhosh

    This trick is awesome, soon i am going to try it…..

  • K2berg

    Just what I’m looking for

    • Siraj Soft



      • Mateous Fls

        Hey will thisshare my pc’s internet network to lumia 800 like zune does?

  • Yousuf Kamal

    what kind of backward  vendor did nokia turn itslf into?

    • Siraj Soft

      Hey YKBKS,

      Not Nokia blame Microsoft 😛

      • Ykbks

        nah, i blame Nokia. If they would only use their head and the yellow stuff in it, they COULD overwhelm the mobility world. You have GOT TO admit that Apple makes some pretty MEAN devices. compared to them, almost a 98% of Nokia’s devices are PLAIN DUMB!!!
        But if we compare the vendors on basis of solutions and flexibility, the result just reverses.
        Which simply enforces my WISE saying- “There’s always something wrong with Nokia and always something FISHY with Apple.”

        but still, for all to come down to that!! even a combined effort of Microsoft and Nokia seems to be lame…

  • Jvimalsoft

    it works… thanks

  • Ashley

    absolutly amazing
    i could’nt even install zune because of “windows portable device updater” and windows update being absolutly pants
    so this is a relif and i dont have to formate my computer for the time being

    thanks mate

  • Kaa

    Wow. On my Nokia N9 (original phone, Lumia 800 is 
    p, li { white-space: pre-wrap;plagiarism in the N9 shell) that works by default. Without the need some of spells.
    MS: Congratulation .. 😀

    • Kaa

       Something is wrong, edit:
      Lumia 800 is plagiarism in the N9 shell
      .. :-)

      • kiLLe

        You sir, are a douche.Haters gonna hate.

      • Sanoj

        Um Nokia made N9 too u knw. hw is it plagiarism bwaaahahaha xD

  • Firecelln80

    Thanks dude you are awesome 
    please post new tricks for free apps and games like cydia in Iphone or elase 
    god bless you

  • Sjaakiw

    Works great! THNX

  • Ab87

     Thanks, it really helps. I love the basic way of transfer mechanism

  • Dhawal D

    How to I enable it for Mac?

    • sushidev

       Dude, the Mac has a Windows Phone app that you can use to transfer music and stuff. You don’t need to do this.


    Can we recover data after mounting as mass storage? If so which tool should I use

    • Гость

       No, the device is not actually a disk drive (a mass storage device). It is a portable media device. So tools like Recuva or R-Studio will not be able to recover data from it.

  • Raining–blood

    YOU ARE A GOD AMONGST MEN. I moved from the N95 8GB to the Lumia 800 and absolutely loath Zune’s horrific software, glad to be able to just do everything via My Computer like with good old Symbian (Y)

  • Samarthsomanna

    how to reboot

  • sushidev

    Personally, I find this pointless. I can sync music on my Windows Phone wirelessly. So why would I even bother connecting a USB cable. Microsoft disabled this feature for one reason. So you do not fuck up your device when adding and removing files.

  • Arnel

    got it! able to transfer my pics to y pc now

  • Peter

    Why is Nokia 800 shown twice?

  • TechGopal

    really nice well explained tutorial …

  • ovidius

    you are the best man…thx alot. works at me on lumia 800. thanks again man.

  • shinjunawa

    Thanks its freaking help me a lot!!! i was searching for this kind of post since then..

    • shinjunawa

      I hope no side effects from it lol

      • Siraj Soft

        Absolutely not :-)

  • adnan

    thanx a lot, all done. GOD BLESS U

  • Jeffrey John Imutan

    any way i can copy the apps installed?

  • mark

    i download free hd games for lumia 800 but i don’t know how to put that on my phone i use zune but every time i drag the file it won’t work so how can i

  • mark

    i also try dis thing usb mass storge but no work wat should i nid to do

  • pulkit

    i m not able to find “6&1052b689&0&0000” in “vid_045E&PID_04EC&MI_00”
    i am using lumia 800

  • kamran khan

    hi i have nokia lumia 800, when i use it with the computer without zune it can say that ur usb mass storage install nokia lumia 800 successfully and its not show me the storage in my computer, but when i install the zune then its give me the message that the Usb mass storage cannot install successfully. please help me out.
    Best Regards

  • Moi


  • bocko989

    start task manager > processes > find in the list “zune” then end processes.

  • Nazim

    Dear could this options run in Windows Service Pack 3

  • Sharat

    error editing the values..?!
    i tried this once and it worked now its not working..

  • Ram

    cannot copy files
    its says you do not hav permisiions to create this item!
    plz help!

  • deepali

    Hey really it works ya…n thank U alot….but I want to connect internet through Nokia lumia 800 to pc with windows 7 will U help me?

  • Henrik Rohlin

    It worked perfect on my nokia lumia 800!

  • S2k

    Thanks a lot yaar ur r genius

  • Symbiot

    you need to copy out the Zune drivers from the zune software package. uniextract can do that for you.
    This is IF you don’t have zune installed, or have had it installed already.

  • aamir

    sir where is devic parameter flder

  • shahzad

    sir device parameter flder kahan hai

  • praveen

    its says you do not hav permisson to copy
    plz help!



  • vinodh

    hey guys if you had tried this earlier, let me know if there was any problems in the phone after you had tried this. When I say problems I do not mean the ones you faced while doing this hack , I am talking about any issues which might have cropped after you did this

  • Trond Moen

    Siraj, wow, you should get a medal for this, thanks!

  • Rudolf Botsko

    Hello, sir! I’ve enabled mass storage and it worked. But what, if I want to transfer .xap files? I’ve downloaded games for Windows Phone. I copyed them on my Nokia Lumia 800, but I can’t see them. Send me message with solution, or just to say something on

  • nilesh

    hi I already done that but not able see video in phone but it was showing up in my pc
    what can be done fro this

  • Searcher

    God bless you for that! Brilliant!