Snake returns to Lumia 800 in a way you would love to play!



OH Yeah the above image is the Lumia 800. Thanks to Adam from Nokia Conversations blog he just posted that the Legendary snake game returns to Lumia 800 in the name of Snake ’97 . Your Lumia 800 will magically transforms into  Nokia 5110, with the keys positioned at the lower part of the screen. It turns retro gaming into an art form.


You can control the Snake using the numeric keys or the up/down keys at the side. The settings menu can be accessed by clicking the key at the left side of the keyboard. Interface looks much better, the vibration and sound adds much reality to the game.


Its one of the must try recommendation from us. Its available for  £0.79 . If you need to try it before buying check out the game for free by clicking try in Marketplace.


Snake ’97 Download Link — > Snake ’97 

  • Suresh_Babu

    Snaking around with the Nokia phone, that is even with the basic hand
    set is a nostalgia. 1997 where these hand-held devices were a priced
    possession among the common crowd. People were gaming addicts with these
    simple games. These games will still give the users a few more years of

  • Adam Fraser

     Hi Siraj,

    What’s your highest score on this? Mine’s pretty low. I need to practice more 😉