Spotify now available for Nokia Symbian Smartphones!!

Nokia Conversations just posted that the Spotify app is now available for all Nokia Symbian Smartphones. What is Spotify ? Spotify is an online service that currently has over 15,000,000 tracks and is adding 10,000 new tracks every day. This music library is available – for streaming – to anybody that signs up.

Spotify provides three different account types such as

  • Spotify Premium (£9.99 per month)
  • Spotify Unlimited (£4.99 per month)
  • Spotify Open (Free)

The free version works on desktops and laptops. But in order to use Spotify on your mobile phone, Spotify requires you to purchase the premium service for £9.99 per month. Once you have subscribed to the service you have a virtual pass to all track in the Spotify Library.

P.S: Spotify app needs a constant 3G/WiFi connection to stream songs. If you wish to hear songs offline add them to your playlist and enable offline mode for the playlist so that you can listen to them whenever you need it.

Download Spotify App : 

Spotify For your Nokia


Link to buy Spotify Premium Account –> Spotify premium