Symbian Community Huge Giveaway

As we know the Future Of Mobiles The Awesome Symbian Operating System is now declared as Open Source with all codes open for the community. The Symbian Community is Celebrating it with Giveaways to the Community. The Official News fron Symbian is that

“We’re giving away our source code for free to everyone!”

And since we’re in a giving mood, participate and you can win prizes courtesy of Symbian.

For the next 2 weeks from Monday, February 8th to Friday, February 19th, we’ll been giving away a grand total of over $5,500 to people who Twitter with us.

Check out the details below. Pretty easy – all you have to do is follow us at and watch for our Tweets. We’ll be asking you to do things like Retweet (RT) our Tweets and include the #symbiangives hashtag.

We’d like to encourage you to join in on the conversation – you’ll see new details emerging each day!

  • Monday, Feb. 8th: We’ll be giving away 2GB USB Flash drives with Symbian source code to 5 people randomly chosen throughout the day who RT us with the hashtag #symbiangives
  • Tuesday, Feb. 9th: We’ll be giving away a Symbian T-Shirt to 5 randomly selected people who Tweet an original line following our lead (for example, here’s one we’ll be using:  “We’re giving away our code to Shaq, Jack Black and anyone who’s ever had a Big Mac #symbiangives”.) Don’t forget the hashtag #symbiangives
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