Symbian Handsets and the Symbian Anna

When anything in the world of technology is updated, it creates excitement. The new update for the Symbian, known as Anna, is no exception. Made official by Nokia, it’s advantages include a QWERTY keyboard on the screen, in portrait format and a new browser and icons.

Because this technology is new, many people will be logging onto sites like O2 to order a handset with these capabilities. With regards to the new Symbians which have recently come out, they are very exciting and innovative.

The first is the Nokia E6. This one is, as can be seen by the name, the sequel to the Nokia E5. The improvements are that it has a new operating system and a touch-screen display. This handset also features an 8-megapixel camera for capturing those special moments and is a great choice if you like to type a lot on your mobile phone.

The next handset is the Nokia X7, which is detailed specifically for entertainment. It has video playback and runs with the Symbian Anna. It looks very stylish and is extremely thin, enabling you to carry it in your pocket with ease.

The update of ‘Anna’ should be an improvement upon these already great handsets. It will offer lots of things, including real homescreen scrolling, an updated browser and the QWERTY keyboard. There is also an improved application for mapping, to help you get to where you want to go.

Symbian Anna can also be an additional improvement to the already fantastic Symbians such as N8,E7,C7 and C6-01 . In the world of fast developing technology, it is the new features and ideas which keep it going. Whether you want your mobile phone solely to communicate, or you want to be a bit more adventurous with its functions, something new is generally guaranteed to be exciting.

Guest post by Ross