Symbian Roadmap reveals Symbian^5 and Symbian ^6 and Symbian^3 on Cortex A9 and also Rumored Nokia N98 with HDMI Confirmed?!

Nokia N98 floating around is confirmed to have Symbian^3 with HDMI

Symbian’s roadmap is available is available for view it brings out some awesome innovation in Symbian platforms. There is more in Symbian. From Multicore support to upcoming Symbian series like Symbian^5, Symbian^6….Thanks Jay from MyNokiaBlog for the round up 😀 .

  • Symbian^4 isn’t the last symbian, there is more yeah! Symbian^5 and Symbian^6
  • Symbian^4 will be supporting  multicore .
  • Symbian^3 has kernel support for multicore
  • Multicore will achieve better performance with better battery life!
    • Symbian is designed for low power consumption from the ground up and now leading the wave in low power efficiency.
  • Symbian^3 is running on dual Cortex A9 wow!!

    • A9 will allow recording of up to 1080p so there will be some awesome 12mpx cam 😀
    • High end 3D graphics accelerator to bring PC-like web browsing. Maemo Down ? 😛
  • Symbian^3 devices available from 2010 [H2, i.e. July onwards]
  • Dual Core devices will be shipping in 2011
  • Symbian^4 devices will be available from 2011 [H1]
  • Symbian^5 devices will be available from 2011 [H2]
  • Symbian^6 devices will be available from 2012 [H1]
  • There are 33 Symbian^1 devices so far, from Samsung, Fujitsu, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Sharp.
  • Over 100,000 man years of development
  • Over 300,000,000 Symbian devices shipped


  • Incremental evolution, but big step forward in User Experience
    • Minimising unecessary taps!
    • Enhanced look/feel in transitions/transparency/fades
    • Multitouch support with gestures swipes and pinches
  • HDMI output
  • HD streaming
  • Multiple Homescreens
  • Multicore


  • Whole new User Experience
  • UI will take advantage of next gen graphics
  • Application layout will be updated for simpler, streamlined efficient experience [screenshots]
  • Suite of applications themselves will be redesigned
    • Messaging will be conversation based
    • Calendar integrates email, allowing email responding via calendar UI
  • QT becomes standard environment which applications are written on.
    • Simplicity of QT
    • Power of Symbian

Check out the roadmap here

Via and Thanks Jay Montano from MyNokiaBlog for the round up.

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