The Nokia E72 Review : Business with Pride.


Hi friends here is my little review of the Nokia E72 from WOMWorldNokia. I never used a E-Series device before. So i asked WOMWorld for a E72 to trial. The E72 was a qwerty phone made for business class people.

Golden Days with Qwerty Phone:


I was using Nokia 5800 for one and half years. The phones i trialed before also had touch screen + QWERTY combination. So i didnt missed the touchscreen. But the E72 was a full QWERTY phone with no touchscreen. It was a golden experience for me to trial such phone. I was swiping the screen of E72 sometimes to scroll pardon me :P.18082010549

E72 Hardware:


The E72 is well built and its super slim. The E72 features chrome around the corner of the phone which gives a premium feel. The E72 features the optical keypad. The keypad is well used when you need to scroll through menu, lists etc.. The E72 comes with voice command button between volume keys in the rightside. 08082010441


The E72 have the best lighting in keypad and side volume keys. It looks awesome in night. Every key is illuminated and the breathing light is so cool too.. There 3.5mm jack is at the top of the phone. The charger port is in the down. The left side have ports for MMC and usb and they are hidden by small covers.

E72 Software:


The Nokia E72 features S60V3 FP2. The software is well optimized no bugs in software. The E72 software and hardware give quick access to many things in press of a key. Such as Home key, Calendar key, contacts key and Messaging Key. The E72 also offers some shortcuts in qwerty keyboard too. The Space bar on long hold turn on the LED light even when phone is locked. The Sym key on long press turns on bluetooth this is so handy for me.



I have not used any qwerty style keyboard like E-series design before. I am blown away my E72 QWERTY keyboard. The keys are so soft and well crafted. I love the typing feel. Your fingers feels so soft while typing. I loved it because i can type my message without looking at phone, which i miss so much in my 5800. The keys are well spaced absolutly no typos with it. The optical and fiveway keypad is so good too.

E72 Camera:


The E72 have a decent camera powered by Carl Zeiss Lens with Single LED. The camera features all the common features no extra additions in it. The camera is pretty decent. The Camera dont have a dedicated camera button. The camera is activated through menu. The snap can be taken by clicking the centre button.

E72 Camera Samples:





E72 Battery:


The E72 battery is the best among Nokia smartphone. The battery hold its juice with high usage for two days. I am just amazed by the battery backup. Going to a conferrence or event carry the Nokia E72 you can snap and upload for the whole day with only a single point drain in battery. E72 battery is superior. Thank you Nokia for such a great battery expecting the same power in upcoming N8 too.

Final Verdict:

E72 is must buy phone if you are more concern about the battery and overall performance. The E72 is the best business with mail sync etc at your needs. The negatives of E72 are its loudspeaker and its camera. The E72 loudspeaker is not good enough and sound goes out when placed flat on table. The Camera is pretty decent but not upto the mark of other 5mpx carl zeiss for me. N97 have the best quality out of its cam in 5Mpx range.

  • guest

    what about its sound you can not hear a call, on speaker even on one feet, it is impossible to use it for video call.

  • Navsingh39

    Whats the feature difference between Nokia E71 and E72 ?

  • Nikhil Pai

    Good review bro. I think you summed it up perfectly: “E72 is must buy phone if you are more concern about the battery and overall performance”. Its not the phone to buy if you have evolved onto large touchscreen displays :)

  • Siraj Soft

    Thanks bro 😀

  • Aditi

    I really do like the look of this phone. Very professional, and would look quite nice on a boardroom table. The OS is a bit clunky and outdated though. Also, the first time i picked it up, I had a tough time finding the number keys to place a call – I find it funny that as phones get more and more advanced, their core feature gets buried deeper and deeper – should we continue to call them phones?
    Nokia E72 Review

    • Siraj Soft