ThumbWheel Homescreen by waspbloke For 5800

ThumbWheel is a nice swf homescreen created by waspbloke . This homescreen is created from scratch it looks awesome.

Words from waspbloke

Credits and grats:
PNHT, andrecavallari, and others…

v1.0.1 – Tested and working on i8910HD

** UPDATE **

– A few of you seemed to be having problems with the vibrate getting stuck. This should be fixed but if you still have problems try increasing the nHoldTime interval to 2 seconds in ‘config.xml’ and see if it cures it.
– Display shows on start-up now.
– Switch off display toggle feature in ‘config.xml’.
– Switch off vibrate in ‘config.xml’.
– Minor improvement to date display.
– Battery charge animation slowed down.


Extract ‘gadget.swf’ to ‘E:\’
Extract folder ‘ThumbWheel_HS’ to ‘E:\’


-10 editable shortcuts in ‘ThumbWheel_HS\shortcuts.xml’.
Use any JPG or PNG images you like but must be 40×40 pixels. Place icons in ‘ThumbWheel_HS’ folder. Use PNG files for transparent background. Change ‘icon’ attribute to ‘whatever.png’.
Change ‘uid’ attribute to uid of preferred apps.

-Three options in ‘ThumbWheel_HS\config.xml’.
Set vibrate off or on (0/1).
Display always on or toggle display (0/1)
Set click-hold time in seconds.


* No dialer yet – use your usual method for invoking built in dialer *

Tap and hold for 1 second on screen to show/hide display.

Top left:
Clock – tap once to toggle between time and date, tap and hold (and release) launches clock or calendar depending on whether time or date displayed.
Signal strength – just that.
Battery level – animates on charge.

Top right:
Ariel – tap for active connections, tap and hold for profiles.
Wifi – tap for WLAN wizard.
Bluetooth – tap for BTSwitch on/off, tap and hold for bluetooth settings.

Big wheel:
ThumbWheel – drag to rotate, tap icons to launch apps.

Please let me know if there are any issues on Nokias.

Comments, suggestions etc?

Download Here

  • emre

    how to make. ?

  • donald stevens

    Does this theme also work with the N97?

  • Anonymous




  • Fokozuynen

    with what firmware works cos with in my not work euro 1 blue

  • Fokozuynen

    sorry it was workin only that i have forget to restrt my phone and by the way great work good job.