Try Out Windows Phone 7 Now!

If you’ve ever wondered how Windows Phone 7 would actually work on your phone, now you can run it for yourself on your smartphone – it works on iPhone, Android and even PCs… how does this even work?

Well, Microsoft have taken the unusual step of setting up a web-based demo of the OS. There are guided tours of the Messaging, People, Local Scout, Outlook, Calendar, Family and Phone apps. You’re limited to specific chains of actions, but you’re also free to check out the interface somewhat freely.

It’s definitely an interesting concept, and a cool way that Microsoft can show off their new mobile OS. The Metro stylings of Windows Phone are coming to Windows Phone 8 as well, so if you want another shot at the real deal, why not check out the Windows 8 developer preview? That might be a bit much for most, but you’ll have to get used to it eventually – why not now?

Windows Phone 7 is definitely a nicer OS than it gets credit for, so check it out today if you’re not already running Windows Phone 7 on your mobile.

Check Out the Windows Phone 7 Emulator Here!

This article was written by William Judd. William writes for Mobile Fun, the UK’s leading online retailer of the Griffin SurvivorHTC accessories and the Panasonic Lumix case.

  • Jennifer Kristen

    Now this is sounds exclusive news! Microsoft did exceptional job by creating windows phone 7 and I’ll definitely use this edition on my iPhone. Thanks for informing.