[Video] Lumia 610 VS Lumia 800 apps speed comparison


The Nokia Lumia 610 is powered by 800 MHz processor and 256MB RAM . Does this hardware makes the Windows Phone OS works really slow ?  Here I compare the Lumia 610 with its bigger brother Lumia 800. I tried to open the same simultaneously on both phones to see how they load in high end and the low end Lumia 610 hardware.

Apps tested :


  1. Flowtweet – Light weight twitter client
  2. Camera App speed
  3. Marketplace load test
  4. Messaging app speed
  5. Internet Explorer
  6. Nokia Maps
  7. Camera roll
  8. Zune Music and Videos

Do let me know if you want to test any games or any other third party apps.


Do check my Flickr gallery of Lumia 600 V.S Lumia 800 Display.