[Video] Nokia N8 Travel Nightmare Ad

New Nokia N8 Ad showing its multimedia powers on the go..

“Travel nightmares: How do you survive them?“.

We’ve all experienced a travel nightmare at some point in our lives. Sometimes they are unavoidable – so the most important thing is to make sure that you’re prepared.

This is where a Nokia N8 with Dolby digital, HDMI output and 12 MP camera can come in very useful!


  • Spireto

    The first car when they go to rest room is Mercedes w116 but in the end the car at the same blue color is Mercedes w126.
    Bad director!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://neerajvohra.blogspot.com Neeraj Vohra

    haha..@spireto..that's what I was about to comment..but saw u already did..It's easy for a mercedes owner to find the difference.

  • Spireto


  • Diogo

    Yes! Awesome! Finally wcored a nice commercial. It creates an emmotional connection between you and the phone. Now follow up with ads showing the functionality itself and you’re golden Nokia!

    • http://www.lovemynokia.com Siraj

      Yes Nokia always do some awesome ads this is one of em