[Video] Nokia N8 Web TV

Web TV means Internet services providing broadcasted TV content in the Internet on catch up basis. Web TV application will mobilize existing Web TV service to Nokia high end and mid tier devices – directly to customers.

Web TV application is a Web Runtime (WRT) application created using standard web technologies. The application of an existing Web TV service optimizes user experience to smaller screen. Still look and feel of the desktop service will be maintained. Web TV application can be accessed with one click from home screen in Nokia N8. More Web TV application will available in Menu and Ovi Store.

The Nokia Symbian^3 devices such as Nokia N8 brings compatibility with popular Internet video formats and desktop Flash. With optimized video streaming and playback support, Nokia N8 provides a fantastic platform for bringing your favorite TV programs on HD quality.

Nokia has created the On demand Web TV template to make it easy for content providers to mobilize their existing Web TV services and deploy them on Nokia Symbian^3 devices such as Nokia N8. Web TV template allows customizing a Web TV app according to your own branding to leverage your existing Web content from the backend. The Nokia Web TV template enables building an app within a few working days, and make it available for consumers via OVI Store.


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    Used it for 2 months now and it works very good.