[Video] Qt-based Nokia Store client and How it was developed

We already informed you about the new Beta QML Nokia Store Client. Here we bring you some more information from the Nokia Developer Site about the new client and how it performs than the old one.

From Nokia Developer.Com :

Nokia has introduced an upgraded, Qt Quick-based version of the Nokia Store client for its new Symbian smartphones, such as the Nokia N8, as well as the Qt-powered Nokia N9, delivering improved user experience and performance. In addition to the new branding to “Nokia Store”, features of the enhanced Nokia Store client include:

  • Improved user experience and usability
  • Improved client start-up time, and improved page-loading times and general UI performance
  • Permanently visible navigation elements, and support for the new Belle UI style
  • Next-generation payment checkout flow

Using the Qt SDK to develop the new Store client provided an easy-to-use, developer-focused environment that allowed for more time to create the app, and less time learning how to use the tools. “This was a great way of creating the application,” said Bill Bonney, Senior Systems Architect, Client UI for Nokia. “With Qt Quick there is no rigid UI framework and you have a lot more freedom to realize the experience that you want.”

According to Ashwini Bharadwaj, Senior Software Engineer at Nokia, developing the new Store client with Qt made it easy for the team to write the code once and compile it on different platforms. The Qt-based client was written for the Nokia N9 first, and then compiled for use on Symbian smartphones. “This saved us quite a bit of time,” said Bharadwaj.

The new Qt Quick -based version of the Nokia Store client will be offered for all of Nokia’s new Symbian phones, including those with Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle. This upgrade will be available in all markets globally, except for staggered deployment in certain countries.

It should also be noted that a new version of the Nokia Store client for Nokia Series 40 phones is also being introduced at this time.

Take a look at the new Qt-based Nokia Store client, and learn more about how it was developed:

For individuals, this update to the Nokia Store client should arrive on smartphones any day now – users will be prompted to make the update when they open the app – but for those that can’t wait, there is a beta version of the Store QML client in Nokia Beta Labs now.

Download Here :

QML Nokia Store Latest Beta File