[Video]Push Snowboarding at Burton US Open

Push snowboarding is showcasing its technology at Burton US open. Here we bring you some great videos from the event.

TTR world number 1 snowboarder, Peetu Piiroinen, takes the Push Snowboarding kit to its limits on the Burton US Open Slopestyle course held at Stratton Mountain, Vermont.

Push Snowboarding uses the Nokia N8 and external sensors to add a whole new dimension to snowboarding — notably visible here in Peetu’s ice cool Rush read-out as he approaches those huge kickers.

Watch Burton Snowboards team-rider Tim-Kevin Ravnjak, ride the Burton US Open halfpipe fully kitted up with the Nokia N8 Push Snowboarding kit.

Watch TTR world number 3 snowboarder, Seppe Smits, ride one of the snow parks during the Burton Snowboards 2011 US Open at Stratton Mountain, Vermont.

Push Snowboarding comes to the fore to show his mini-shred tricks sending the sensor read-outs wild, showing how he’s distributing his pressure across both toe and heel edge to keep his ride smooth.

To learn how Nokia and Burton’s Push Snowboarding collaboration works, visit: http://pushsnowboarding.com. You can also the data from the PUSH kit at  http://www.pushsnowboarding.com/tech/developer-centre/