WeeWheel Make your Nokia into a PC joystick for Free

Its not a wonder  with .Net in your PC and Python in mobile. You can instantly change your Nokia mobile in to pc compatible joystick. Siraj [ me 😛 ] and Ddamen have jointly developed and Tested it. We are proud to present you “The WeeWheel”.

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What is WeeWheel? :

WeeWheel is an application that uses the built in accelerometer to detect movement and convert it into joystick, mouse and/or keyboadr signals for your PC, so you can play games by only moving your phone!

– Remote joystick emulation with an acceleromenter through Bluetooth
– Up to 8 Josytick button emulation through phone’s keypad
– Mouse & Keyboard emulation!
– Macro: Record and play phone actions!

Official Site here

Forum Here

Quick Installation instructions:

Installing Python:
– Go to https://garage.maemo.org/projects/pys60/
– Download, transfer and install your Python version

Installing PPJoy:
– Extract http://www.weewheel.com/PPJoySetup.zip on your PC and run setup.exe (x86)
– Run http://www.weewheel.com/PPJoySetup- (x64)
– Go to Control Panel -> Parallel Port Joysticks icon
– click on the Add… button in the PPJoy applet
– Click on the Parallel Port dropdown menu and select Virtual Port
– Click on Add
– Now select the newly created Virtual Joystick
– Click on Mapping
– Click on Next
– Choose 2 axes, 8 buttons, 0 POV hats
– Click 3 times on next
– Click on Finish
– Click on Done
– Install WeeWheel


This software is compatible with:

Windows XP, WIndows Vista and Windows 7 Seven

For installing on all 3 windows versions, the steps are the same, check the manual for exact installation steps.

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