What’s Next for Nokia


What’s Next for Nokia ? I have been asking this question since Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile phone division. Apart from mobile phone business Nokia has a pretty strong stand as a company in telecommunications and mapping solutions aka HERE maps. But how could Nokia reach the masses as it did before ? Since Microsoft flushed the Nokia branding from the smartphones Nokia now has no brand visibility in consumer electronics. But soon this is going to change. Hell Yeah!


Nokia started teasing something called Nokia Reinvented two days back.



Then comes the teaser image of a product with the blocky Nokia letters.



To our surprise they announced that they are going to show something this week.



The product teaser ends with the product photo which is a black box and a date which is Tomorrow approx. 3:30 P.M. IST. Well Nokia we totally didn’t see that coming 😀



The Nokia announcement will happen at Slush at 3:30 P.M IST approximately. Sebastian Nyström , Head of Product Business at Nokia Technologies will be taking the stage at Slush to announce the mysterious product. His portfolio in Slush read as follows


Sebastian is the Head of Products Business at Nokia Technologies. The business aims at establishing new businesses built on Nokia innovations and the Nokia brand, focusing on consumers directly or through other customer companies.


Fingers crossed. Let’s see what Nokia brings out tomorrow. It’s been a long time since I waited for a Nokia product announcement. Super Excited! 😀