Win Nokia 808 PureView,Play 360 Speakers, Monster headsets and Blot! Gig pass at

PureView Contest which was showing the PureView counter for some reason was taken down mid night. Today I just spotted that the counter page has been replaced with a contest page.

PureView Contest

This contest is based on the Nokia India’s PureView teaser line ” Story within a Story“. In this contest you have to play as a detective to find the lost 808 PureView phone.
PureView Contest


You will be provided with the pictures which has been taken with the 808 PureView. You need to zoom into these pictures to find the clues about the lost phone.


Prizes :


PureView Contest


As you have expected the grand prize is the Nokia 808 PureView. If you help someone to find out the clues you might get a Play 360 speaker. Best performer of the day gets a Nokia Purity Monster headsets. And most voted comment will get a pass to the blot! gig.


Get cracking on the case at


Oh about the launch there is no clue left for us. This contest will be running for seven days revealing new pictures from the PureView about the case. Hopefully sometime between the contest PureView might get launched..