Win Nokia GPS Phone with your OVI map story

Nokia have anounced a  competition just now in which you can win Nokia GPS Phones with your own story about how you use OVI maps. You can share your views on OVI by making a video , taking pictures or about writing them in a blog post.

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Have a look at the Quote From Nokia OVI Blog:


Ovi Maps competition

Show us how you use Drive & Walk navigation, Lonely Planet & Michelin guides, discover places or events around you, share your location with friends on Facebook or pre-plan your trips.

Nokia product managers will share their Ovi Maps stories over the next few weeks with you. Stay tuned!

Create an Ovi Maps story and share it

Get the latest Ovi Maps with free Drive & Walk navigation at

You can create your Ovi Maps story the way you prefer:

  • Record a video and share it via YouTube, Vimeo, Qik or any other video service of your choice;
  • Take pictures, upload them on Facebook and click here to create your story with our Facebook application. You can also upload them on Flickr, Twitpic or any other service of your choice;
  • Or write a blog post.

Tweet and participate in the Ovi Maps competition

The Ovi Maps competition is running from March 22nd 1pm GMT until April 19th 1pm GMT.

Once your story is ready to be shared, tweet it to us. Follow @OvibyNokia on Twitter and click here to tweet the link to your story to @OvibyNokia with the hash tag #OviMaps.

@OvibyNokia here is my #OviMaps story:

With your tweet including #OviMaps hash tag and a link to your Ovi Maps story, you are officially entering the competition. Click here to read the complete set of rules.

Win great Nokia GPS phones

Each week we will announce a winner. You can win one of the following Nokia GPS smartphones:

  • Nokia N97 mini with the latest Ovi Maps v 3.03, a car holder and a car charger; or
  • Nokia X6 with the latest Ovi Maps v 3.03, a car holder and a car charger; or
  • Nokia E72 with the latest Ovi Maps v 3.03, a car holder and a car charger.

The winners will be announced on March 30th 2010, April 6th 2010,  April 13th 2010 and April 20th 2010.
Follow @OvibyNokia on Twitter for the latest updates. For the greatest fans and enthusiasts we have awesome Ovi Maps swag. Spread the word and watch this space!

  • Residential VoIP

    Amazing Offer!!!! But on my 5800 with the latest maps and the latest OVI navigation software all I receive is waiting for GPS and never allows me to test out the walking o driving function. GPS is activated on the phone.

  • GPS tracker

    I already have GPS cell phone, but Nokia Maps does not work good especially when it comes to search a location.

    Thanks anyway.