WordPress Client for Nokia Alpha Updated V0.5.1

After the Release of iPhone,Android and Blackberry versions of Official WordPress application. The wordpress devs are working on a Qt powered wordpress application for Nokia. I am one of the beta tester in that project. I recommend you to try it out and post your Queries regarding the beta here.You can try alpha build here. Update Nokia 0.5.1 and Maemo Build avaialbe now Grab it.

Get started by:
1. Install Qt libraries from ftp://ftp.qt.nokia.com/pub/qt/symbian/4.6.1/qt_installer.sis


UPDATE:As 0.5.0 had a couple of severe issues, we are releasing 0.5.1 immediately to fix them. So please download the Symbian or the Maemo build.

This build fixes an issue with HTTP redirects, so your custom WordPress installations should work much better now. Maemo version no longer has black text on black background in the drop-down menus.

3. Submit tickets to http://nokia.trac.wordpress.org/

The wordpress dev community is very active in the Symbian and Maemo build of the WordPress application. Show your support by trying the software and leave your comments here.