XTE 4.0 Xtreme Engineering Firmware for Nokia 5800 XM

I am extremely sorry for the bugs on XTE 2.0 and XTE 3.0. In this release i cleared all those bugs ;D and tried to make this
release perfect without any bugs. Everyone has their own choice and so no CFW can satisfy each and every user. This
release although promises to give much satisfaction and performance

Download Here

Features of XTE 4.0

New Improved System Stability
Excellent RAM Handling capabilities
Daily Use version to for perfect performance
Removed Bugs that the older releases contained


I. Internal:
1. Super Fast Kinetic Scrolling Speed
2. Super fast System Startup
3. Greatly increased browser cache, moved to E:\system\cache
4. Improved Camera Quality
5. Silent Camera Snap (Put in silent when capture)
6. Changed Default theme (changed to Strips RED)
7. Optmized System Memory Heap Size and decreases Application Delay and Close Time
8. Disabled widgets security warnings
9. Filtered startup resources
10. Disabled automatic SMS sending to Nokia
11. Disabled Lock Unlock vibration
12. Very Optimized system cache on MMC
13. Changed open applications dialog
14. Disabled keypad and Xpressmusic button lights
15. New modified startup and shutdown images*
13. Bluetooth name changed (to XTE 4.0 Engine)
14. Disabled background apps startup for better RAM
15. Startup sound increased
16. Lightning fast screen rotation
17. Music Player only searching E:\sounds\My Music
18. Many Homescreens*
19. Many Patches Added
20. Refined Xtreme Menu layout added
21. Quick access to settings applications (like themes, conn mgr, profiles) on ,menu
22. Improved Application runtime frame rates and Gaming performance
23. Option to landscape browser even on sensors turned off
24. More options in sensor settings
25. Ram cache upgraded
26. Camera now dosent eat RAM after it is closed
27. 3 icons removed from homescreens due to bad effect
28. Super fast screen rotation
29. Optimised All Drive Cache
30. Many Rom Patcher Patches added
31. Autocreation of cache folders in E:\
32. Browser modified to resume paused downloads automatically
33. Default Message tone changed
34. Free Space on C:\ (Get 75MB free, Just delete reserved.bin on C Drive to get 80MB)
35. English only version
36. Graphics optimizer mod added
37. Pre-Enabled RomPatcher patches: Open4all and installserver

II. Applications and Themes:

1. Only on theme: Just Black
2. Google maps
3. File Browser
4. Rom Patcher+ with many patches
5. Onscreen keyboard
6. KillMe
7. Bright Light
8. BTSwitch
9. Slide Unlock
10. Converter
11. Handy Taskman with autostart!

III. Rom Patcher Patches:

1. 1Starter.rmp
2. 2themes.rmp
3. Block GPRS & WLAN.rmp
4. Bluetooth Locker.rmp
5. c2z4bin THUMB.rmp
6. c2z (1.1).rmp
7. Call log.rmp
8. Deny New Installation.rmp
9. DisableEnhNote.rmp
10. Disable Logs.rmp
11. Disable USSD Notes.rmp
12. Global Note Fix.rmp
13. Hide menu.rmp
14. Install Server RP+.rmp*
15. KastorUI.rmp
16. LCD Light ON.rmp
17. LCD OFF Charge Complete.rmp
18. No Blank Password.rmp
19. No Profile SwitchNote.rmp
20. Open4All RP+.rmp*
21. Remove Record Tone.rmp
22. Remove red LED ON 5800.rmp
23. Reset On Power Long Press.rmp
24. Settings Deactivate.rmp
25. Short Multi Tap for 5800.rmp
26. USB Data Disable.rmp

IV. Results that you will get:

1. This version offers maximum stability
2. XTE 4.0 Xtreme is optiomized for performance
3. Super Optimized for better RAM handling
4. System libraries load optimized so better performance
5. 70MB RAM at startup (Average 62MB, use RAM blow)
6. Few changes in Application RAM caching that will prevent your phone from slowing down after heavy using!!
7. Applications will run faster because of internal modifications
8. XTE 4.0 Xtreme is an another skeleton release that will keep the system running smoothly
9. All bugs present on older releases (XTE 1,2,3) are fixed in XTE 4.0 Xtreme ;D

V. Screenshots:

Upakul talukdar

Download Here

  • aatifsumar

    Nice! Can i run this firmware on my 5230?

  • declan

    wow. i would like to try this. thanks. good job.

  • disnomia

    Thanks for the update is working fast and smooth!

  • denje

    I tried this CFW, it's a good one but I have 1 bug with camera; when I put flash OFF, I have already flash activated when I take picture…
    Another comment is that I find cinetic scroll very sensible (too much for me), double click for open a menu is almost impossible. Can we change this sensibility?

  • IQ-RM

    can you please help me..
    I want to add danish language to my phone..
    but I have already flashed it ..
    Can u please guide me to how to add a language..

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    no bro you cant this is made for 5800

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    Thanks :)

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    Hope you tried it leave comments on how it works for you :)

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    Its working fine for me bro plz check it again

  • disnomia

    To modify the kinetic scroll Just copy the file 20021192.txt from z: private10202be9 and place to c:private10202be9 then modify

    This is what file 20021192.txt has inside from xte 4.0 :

    values changed to

    version 1

    cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwayspass
    0x1 int 3 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwayspass -> here (3) – default firmware by Nokia is 8
    0x2 int 4 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwayspass -> here (4) – default Firmware by Nokia is 10
    0x3 int 10 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwayspass
    0x4 int 2 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwayspass
    0x5 int 10 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwayspass
    0x6 int 5 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwayspass
    0x7 int 3 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwayspass
    0x8 int 10 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwayspass
    0x9 int 1 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwayspass
    0xA int 20 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwayspass
    0xB int 20 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwayspass

    Hope it helps!

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    Disnomia Thanks for the tip :)

  • dio tores

    can i use phoenix instead jaf to install XTE 4.0 Xtreme Engineering Firmware for Nokia 5800 XM?

  • 1diablo1

    Plz help me !!

    how 2 use this in my phone ?? can it be use in v 50 ??

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    Sorry you cant use this with V50 use this with V50 http://lovemynokia.com/xte-innovate-custom-firm

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    Yes you can bro

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    Repack rofs2 with your language add it in resource folder and then flash

  • vivakh

    Hi, i would like to install this f/w, but i have never flashed a nokia before. I updated my phone previous software with the nokia software updater program.

    How can i install this?
    Nokia 5800 v40.2.005

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    Sorry to say it dont support RM-428 :(

  • satiros

    can i use it on rm356 balkans blue

  • Badmashkamineypc

    hi Siraj can u pls tell me how can i install it

    my phone is 5800 v50 RM-356

  • Badmashkamineypc

    How to use these files

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    You need to flash the files using JAF